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Bugger off 4 comments
jones11 · 1 year ago
Damn Right. 8 comments
jones11 · 3 years ago
There are hundreds if not thousands of disasters happening around us. Not to mention the ever occurring problem of poverty, hunger, disease etc. Yet these people with their limited resources chose to step in and contribute a huge amount of their past rewards to people they have no affiliation with, and no expectation of anything in return. I admire them for their generosity, and their sense of responsibility to go beyond what is expected of them. Because I look around and see many others in a better position, who have not given a cent or lifted a finger to help.
Damn Right. 8 comments
jones11 · 3 years ago
@dash224 what do you think?
She doesn't know what she's talking about 44 comments
jones11 · 4 years ago
So you're saying that capitalist reap the benefits while communist take the burden?
Preach 23 comments
jones11 · 5 years ago
Er... doesn't happen in my country though
Dubai escalated quickly 18 comments
jones11 · 8 years ago
Do you like search every single post for reposts....
bad luck in Canada 12 comments
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Dafuq? Stop anyhow using moon moon -.-
How I view rocks 2 comments
jones11 · 8 years ago
It doesn't make sense for the author to say he looks at rocks differently from a geologist.