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Y’all know this is true lmao 3 comments
joshary · 1 week ago
Well, you know what they mean. I would assume a lot of it would be just explaining what taxes are and how they work, and only part of it would be about actually filing taxes. I would love to have learned even the basics like "yeah, when you work, certain percentages are withheld in order to pay for things like this and that. Depending on what you do for work, you may also have health insurance or a 401K or whatever, which affect how much is withheld from your paychecks." They can talk about different kinds of insurance in the class as well, from homeowners, to renters, to car and health and dental. The class could cover how to manage finances, and balance a checkbook, or open a bank account. What is Medicare or Medicaid? How can you get good credit? Tips for applying for jobs just as much as how to apply to colleges. Not super specific things that would be irrelevant by the next year, but general information on things which are going to continue to exist for a long time.
Y’all know this is true lmao 3 comments
joshary · 1 week ago
*Students in the classes schools do teach*
But only I know it's a turd 7 comments
joshary · 2 weeks ago
the Rugrats (and many other kids show theme songs) guy?!
How do u spell gorgus 3 comments
joshary · 5 weeks ago
On their test, John said "the man had a cold." James said "the man had had a cold." James, while John had had 'had,' had had 'had had;' 'had had' had had a better effect on the teacher.
That one Josh at the Pentagon... Fire 1 comments
joshary · 8 weeks ago
There are only a handful of moments in each life that will determine whether or not you become a legend. A few decisions that dictate the legacy you will leave behind. I, foolishly, having not the foresight to know this day would eventually come to pass, have fully missed out on one of those great, life altering moments. Eventually, I will be forgotten to time, having never truly known if I was to be the one Josh to stand above all others. -From this day on, John.
It’s a gift 5 comments
joshary · 12 weeks ago
People who wonder why the apostrophes are there and consider correcting the post but who also don't know how to flip their own comments.
Like Pizza deer or else... 24 comments
joshary · 13 weeks ago
Reminds me of Beastars, but this guy seems way more chill.
*drive thru 25 comments
joshary · 18 weeks ago
I will kick your butt so hard your vertebrae will come out 1 by 1 like a Pez dispenser 30 comments
joshary · 26 weeks ago
I enjoy alliteration so I always find myself saying things like "If you think I won't kick you in the cornea..." or "I'm about to punch your pooper WIDE OPEN!"
Another classic is one I saw on a post on here many moons ago: "I'm gonna pee your pants!"
simps 7 comments
joshary · 27 weeks ago
It's honestly really impressive anytime someone figures out a way to sell something to a group of people who will never need that item.
Ted Danson getting arrested during a protest 13 comments
joshary · 30 weeks ago
Isn't it already? Ha, zinger!
No, I kid, I kid. Honestly, I don't know much of the details beyond that.
Ted Danson getting arrested during a protest 13 comments
joshary · 30 weeks ago
No I believe he was protesting against new forms of fossil fuel extractions. They were there to say "hey climate change is real, wtf are you trying to make it worse for?"
Damn bro, nice recovery 10 comments
joshary · 31 weeks ago
nelson read, thatguyyouknow read, princessmonstertru read, guest_ ...goodnight.
No-egg sponge cake 12 comments
joshary · 31 weeks ago
I immediately had 2 thoughts:
1. That is so f*cking metal.
2. I pictured a little old vampire grandma baking blood cookies and cakes for the vampire grandkids when they come over.
Finally someone said it 26 comments
joshary · 32 weeks ago
Good god. What have we done? Rarely do mortals see the err of their ways before the gods descend upon them to pass judgement. May we all live through the inevitable shitstorm of words so that we may warn others not to make the same mistake.
I want to *** you 2 comments
joshary · 37 weeks ago
I read the 2350 and assumed they meant AD and that teens in 300 years would be saying yabba dabba doo, but then I noticed it says BC, and even after that, I still believe that's what they'll be saying.
An Iranian street (Tehran) 1 comments
joshary · 41 weeks ago
Woah I thought those were the Olympic dorms in Atlanta until I noticed the random mountain range in the background and then I read the title of the post. Strangely similar look for being halfway across the world.
Balls! 9 comments
joshary · 46 weeks ago
"...check your balls?"
"yeah I had to feel my zall sack"
I painted an astronaut that I’m really proud of and wanted to share! 4 comments
joshary · 47 weeks ago
I want to see the Paramount Pictures intro, but then at the end, this astronaut is holding onto the end.
My favorite flavor, salt and potato 2 comments
joshary · 48 weeks ago
Once you pop... That's Great!
Sydney harbour sans water 2 comments
joshary · 49 weeks ago
Spoiler. It's August 2020.
There are so many things to worry about in this world... Damn 10 comments
joshary · 51 weeks ago
Oh and each vine can grow about a foot per day, so it's not taking years to cover the trees and houses, it's more like weeks or months.
Polish kindergarten has no clue 7 comments
joshary · 1 year ago
I remember when I was in high school and I was watching the show in class and this douchey popular guy came up and was trying to make fun of me for watching cartoons at 17, and I said oh you mean this one? And I showed him a clip where heads are getting chopped off or something and he says "oh. uh... yeah that one..." and trails off before walking away.
One sponge 4 comments
joshary · 1 year ago
It's a One Piece reference.