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Welcome back among the living 13 comments
kbmitchell · 15 weeks ago
This is the best thing in 2020 so far. Good luck to you.
Great battle 7 comments
kbmitchell · 41 weeks ago
I'm not sure the kangaroos would be content to be confined to Ohio. Can they swim?
Greek minister of transportation folks 6 comments
kbmitchell · 43 weeks ago
Ah, but why would they have an alarm stopper inserted into the buckle? You don't even own one of those unless you are up to no good.
Night in the forest . 7 comments
kbmitchell · 47 weeks ago
Mrs. Todd's Shortcut by Stephen King.
It's beginning to look a lot like... Autumn? 7 comments
kbmitchell · 50 weeks ago
Meanwhile, it was 95 degrees in Atlanta yesterday. We would love some frostiness!
Huge ginger babies 3 comments
kbmitchell · 1 year ago
By far, the worst part of the finale was Tormund getting his heart broken.
Kids have some high aspirations 6 comments
kbmitchell · 1 year ago
So, spelling is optional at this school?