Hohenzollern castle, germany 5 comments
linkster2548 · 1 year ago
Hohenzollern is such an amazing Castle, went there last summer. Would definitely recommend if you ever get the chance, they have great tours of the castle in both English and German. Also it is actually an active castle, meaning it has a set royal family that owns the castle and opens it up to the public.
...And I never looked back 4 comments
linkster2548 · 3 years ago
Ayyyy WHS for the win!
Forrest fires in Washington last year 5 comments
linkster2548 · 3 years ago
Ugh there was so much smokeeeeee
People don't understand how easy it is to break these games (look at comments) 27 comments
linkster2548 · 3 years ago
Guys guys guys, what you do is switch places with Tony Stark so then you have acess to all the iron man suits and become extremly rich all in one go