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Samsung Trolls iPhone 6 Plus Smartly In Its New Ad For Galaxy Note 4 8 comments
littleplanet · 7 years ago
A lot of people buy Apples because they just run better and the consumers like the format and visual appearance better. Me included, duh, or I wouldn't be saying this. So it doesn't really matter how big the screen is, I just want a phone that works well and that I enjoy looking at. Samsungs are messy and not as sleek in my opinion. And anyhow, I don't want a phone that's bigger than my hands.
Plus, people have been saying for a couple years how the biggest downside to iPhones v Samsungs / other Androids is that iPhone screens were much smaller in comparison. Well they fixed that problem, and now people are saying they copied Samsung. If you're gonna bash Apple, at least bash it consistently. Or else you just seem desperate for a reason to complain.