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Bone apple tit 2 comments
lucky11 · 5 days ago
Was invented in 1974. Don't know how "traditional" it can be but it does make cooking meat interesting. I can cook a cheap chuck roast and have it come out tasting like prime rib. Does take way longer to finish but it's worth it.
Trolling level: Master 3 comments
lucky11 · 5 days ago
That's good for the author then, but the issue was that it was in schools in the first place. If a piece of literature is not intended for kids, due to content, then it had no business being in a school. Now, a college library? Have at it. Students should be old enough, and mature enough, to handle literature at that level.
Twisted cathartic amazing 3 comments
lucky11 · 3 weeks ago
The coining of the phrase, in the meaning we use today, was used a by a journalist expounding on how there wasn't much use of "common sense" even though it should be something anyone living in a society would have.
Clever 1 comments
lucky11 · 5 weeks ago
That's when you hire a metal artist to weld it back into a functional state while maintaining the semblance of the joke.
One of these men is 6' 2" and 225 lbs. The other is 6' 3" and 215 lbs. Which one is lying 2 comments
lucky11 · 6 weeks ago
Muscle and bone weigh more than fat. It's entirely possible neither is lying.
I... Have No Words (CW: Incredibly Depressing) 3 comments
lucky11 · 8 weeks ago
Except Bethlehem is 42 miles from the West Bank and is not under attack. There is a display set up that includes a rubble strewn nativity by artists though.
Then vs Now 2 comments
lucky11 · 8 weeks ago
Is this something I'm too Millennial to understand? If it had a pointy end we made it stick into the ceiling.
Tale as old as time 4 comments
lucky11 · 11 weeks ago
A bit like some of the early dictionaries. Horse: def. everyone knows what a horse is.
breh 1 comments
lucky11 · 11 weeks ago
Interestingly there have been tests done on alcohol tolerance. At a certain point your body continues to accrue tolerance regardless of whether or not you drink. Granted, it is almost exclusively an alcoholic trait but it does happen. Now what you can do is quit drinking, get in shape and lose weight and try again. Loss of body mass will make a difference.
Golden *** 3 comments
lucky11 · 12 weeks ago
Then there's the bit where the game doesn't end until the snitch is caught. The game can literally go on for days.
A boat in the desert 1 comments
lucky11 · 12 weeks ago
And are there jars of peaches in it?
Stay wholesome. 1 comments
lucky11 · 12 weeks ago
Only if you get caught.
It can not follow you into your mind 6 comments
lucky11 · 12 weeks ago
I usually don't have a problem reading in dreams. Writing or especially typing is where it all goes wrong for me. I can write or type all the letters in the correct order and it'll still be wrong.
William Shatner is 91 years old, honestly probably the best looking nonagenarian I have 1 comments
lucky11 · 15 weeks ago
March 22, 1931 (age 92 years), Montreal, Canada
[OC] My custom solar system tattoo 1 comments
lucky11 · 17 weeks ago
Missing a planet.
Yeah, basically 1 comments
lucky11 · 19 weeks ago
Right, so in most of the stuff I've been reading lately a DM is short for Dungeon Master. Applying that definition makes this really weird. I was very confused before I remember DM can stand for something else.
What do you do now? 1 comments
lucky11 · 19 weeks ago
Made in Britain.
Genie 1 comments
lucky11 · 20 weeks ago
Well the original genie that we get the story of Aladdin from didn't even have a wish number limit. It just wasn't as powerful as other genies and so could only grant wishes within it's power. It could still grant alot just not everything.
I am wavy 8 comments
lucky11 · 20 weeks ago
Win alot of things.
Instructions unclear 1 comments
lucky11 · 20 weeks ago
Only use the correct charger for this device to ensure proper functionality. Keep away from heat sources to prevent item from exploding.
If your username is "fish ***er" you got some explaining to do 8 comments
lucky11 · 20 weeks ago
Hmm, not too worried.
F in the chat for kids still In school 1 comments
lucky11 · 20 weeks ago
We are all guilty. Even the ladies 18 comments
lucky11 · 20 weeks ago
Oh I know this one. The bible calls it Adultery though, not rape.
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Banned books are mandatory reading 1 comments
lucky11 · 20 weeks ago
Umm I don't support banning books but I do support some restrictions. Some books were banned because the material was not suited for children. Granted, that does not include all of the banned books but a carte blanche shouldn't be given just because it's on the list. Let's save that for college yeah?