Limitless 4 comments
marty6978 · 2 days ago
Is he an entomologist or medical entomologist ?
I hope the shooter is too lazy 14 comments
marty6978 · 3 weeks ago
Is it me or did one of the kids along with the blanket glitch on the floor
It just goes by so quick now 3 comments
marty6978 · 3 weeks ago
For me it’s the same time just sometimes using the stool helps me ease it out a bit more faster but only a bit. I really need to change my diet lol
Issac Newton is mad 15 comments
marty6978 · 3 weeks ago
That’s metal AF, how did he not get laid damn
Recently happened to me 9 comments
marty6978 · 4 weeks ago
You do you but yet you are so pressed that someone didn’t reply to you. If they don’t reply to you it could be a number of reasons as to why. What you should do is not worry about it and go about your day. What you just did by bothering them to the point that they do respond to you shows that it really does annoy you they didn’t respond. Plus now you gave them a legitimate reason as to why they don’t want anything to do with you. No one is obligated to reply or message you. You aren’t their boyfriend / girlfriend or family member . So chill.
Until they feel the need to say they love you 8 comments
marty6978 · 7 weeks ago
If they ask did you eat doesn’t that mean that if you answer no now is your chance to take them out to eat. Girls just want a free meal so don’t think that deep into it haha jk... or maybe
True 11 comments
marty6978 · 10 weeks ago
I’m 30 years old and barely getting into the process of going to medical school and then to finish that and complete a residency study since I’m thinking of going the M.D route. I’m currently taking 17 hours at university and I couldn’t do all this because I was working full time for 11 years taking one class a semester here and there and now I feel my path is even longer . I want to finish already but know this is a time consuming process and blaaah it just feels so much . But this is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and now I can actually get to work.
Precised pendulum 3 comments
marty6978 · 12 weeks ago
Don’t the mean accurate and precise
Kylie jenner sucks 16 comments
marty6978 · 17 weeks ago
I looked it up and it’s legit . Last I checked over $1200 had been donated and this one person donated $200. Like why ugh. I need money for college how about sending some of that my way lol
Tip by Pepsi 3 comments
marty6978 · 18 weeks ago
These tweets always confuse me cause I never know if they are legit . Did Pepsi actually say this and if so why ?
Steve? 6 comments
marty6978 · 19 weeks ago
Is this a reference to a movie where some kid got killed and they play a baseball game in his honor. I forgot the name of the movie but it was a good one.
Friendship is difficult sometimes 3 comments
marty6978 · 21 weeks ago
It’s good to check up on your friends tho. It doesn’t hurt to ask how they are or what’s new in their life. A simple checkup is all it takes.
He actually said that. For real. 12 comments
marty6978 · 21 weeks ago
Correct he actually does speak some english and understands it .
Amazing coffee 6 comments
marty6978 · 22 weeks ago
If it’s one person to another cool but announcing it on the internet and not specifying where is different . At least to me it is .
Amazing coffee 6 comments
marty6978 · 22 weeks ago
Okay Africa is a continent can they be more specific as to which country in Africa ? I don’t know why this bothers me but cmon. Who goes to the continent of Africa and says, “hey I just came back from Africa and it was the tits.” Like really??
Beach for the handicap 5 comments
marty6978 · 22 weeks ago
Ooooo it’s held by a bar so he can only go so far . That’s pretty cool
Beach for the handicap 5 comments
marty6978 · 22 weeks ago
This is awesome but I’m curious like wouldn’t he sink to the bottom if he keeps going further in ??
Well, fml 11 comments
marty6978 · 27 weeks ago
That does suck but hey at least you went for it and put yourself out there. Went on a date and had an amazing time. I sure hope things look up for you in the future. Keep your head up
Am I the only one here? 22 comments
marty6978 · 28 weeks ago
Hell yes I'm happy for you . Hope it all works out .
2meirl4meirl 9 comments
marty6978 · 28 weeks ago
Holy fc*ing damn
Love 3 comments
marty6978 · 29 weeks ago
So is that a good thing or what ??
How's the show ,ollie? 2 comments
marty6978 · 31 weeks ago
Haha the office. Good choice
Depends. Is it the person I hate most, or the person who hates me most? 11 comments
marty6978 · 32 weeks ago
He is his own worst enemy. So he gets $10,000,000 plus $20,000,000 so it should be 30million
Well, accidents happen 9 comments
marty6978 · 33 weeks ago
I think he texted a wrong number who happens to be a girl and she is sending a nude of herself to him??
So this happened 14 comments
marty6978 · 33 weeks ago
Wait is this real??