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Whatever works 2 comments
mcycman · 1 week ago
Why is it, that funsubstance and neingag are my main sources of worldwide news at the moment?
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The Federation confuses the Borg 7 comments
mcycman · 2 weeks ago
Shit,i laughed so hard at this,this ist Gold!
Based germans? 4 comments
mcycman · 3 weeks ago
It's a Nazi site writing shit about Jews, so it's not even meant to be satirical but plain slander
So cool 16 comments
mcycman · 5 weeks ago
Stephen Wolfram made a good try to explain a lot of these phenomena in his book "a new kind of science". He's basically proposing to use cellular automatons (like In the famous game of Life), tiny cells with simple rules that interact together to form something big that is way more complex to rebuild and thus understand certain aspects of nature
Who is the lucky dog? 6 comments
mcycman · 22 weeks ago
Why is this even news worthy? Google for polyamory, monogamous relationships are far from the only possibility
Now, imagine this movie 6 comments
mcycman · 28 weeks ago
What? Have you ever been to Europe?
Racism is not a one way road. We can't babysit a race forever 16 comments
mcycman · 29 weeks ago
Is this also relevant in Germany? Never heard somebody say "the n-word", feels like Harry potter "he who must not be named" stuff
Excellent point like 18 comments
mcycman · 30 weeks ago
Jesus _guest, who are you and why do spend your time crafting elaborate, balanced comments with the length of a newspaper article on fs?
Depression here we come 18 comments
mcycman · 31 weeks ago
Not taking that other summer job back in 2004. Ended up joining a religious sect and its still taking me energy to put my life back together
But what did he do with the pizza's? 12 comments
mcycman · 32 weeks ago
Sadly, nope
It is my birthday today and my friends forgot it, my parents do not talk to me anymore 9 comments
mcycman · 33 weeks ago
Why don't your parents talk to you?
Advice 2 comments
mcycman · 34 weeks ago
But only white people can be racists by definition
A maniac did this graffiti at the University Cologne 4 comments
mcycman · 34 weeks ago
Nah, but Pi²≈10.
How many people saw these blueprints and thought it was fine? 7 comments
mcycman · 34 weeks ago
It's not stable, it "wobbles"
I'm not sure how to react to this 20 comments
mcycman · 34 weeks ago
*sigh* a new study just came out, and guess what? There isn't a single lucrative nuclear plant on this fucking planet. They cost 5-10 billion$ to build and never regain that money, let alone the costs to get rid of the ashes. Germany is one of the very few places where they were built solely for the energy, but it took billions of government subsidies to be interesting for private companies.
Know why they where built in the first place? To produce plutonium for nuclear weapons. Energy is just a by product.
Do you know how long it takes for you to get your investment in solar panels back, without subsidies, just selling the electricity? One year.
How many people saw these blueprints and thought it was fine? 7 comments
mcycman · 34 weeks ago
This is Hamburg.
Best part, it can't be teared down because of asbestos.
The only one who benefits from salary secrecy is your boss 30 comments
mcycman · 39 weeks ago
From the current state of matters, that seems reasonable. But when you Realize that it was the unions that brought us free weekend, 40h weeks, holidays... Against almighty big companies, it seems foolish not to gather the negotiation strength of many workers
The only one who benefits from salary secrecy is your boss 30 comments
mcycman · 39 weeks ago
In Germany, for a lot of jobs you can look up what people earn based on their years of experience. No negotiation possible, it's done by the unions.
But I guess that will sound like communism to Americans ...
I would love that 7 comments
mcycman · 40 weeks ago
Whatdo you mean you can't consume it in public? In Germany, the ice cream van does sell beer...
Never Been Happier :D 19 comments
mcycman · 42 weeks ago
Wow, gotta say I didn't expect such supporting, uplifting comments. Whish all the internet could be like this
Yeets stressfully 21 comments
mcycman · 47 weeks ago
Nice, German and English Wikipedia page say something completely different about the toxicity...
They sure do 5 comments
mcycman · 49 weeks ago
Google YouTube vanced
Faceboot 3 comments
mcycman · 1 year ago
Fuck it, Zuckerberg bought too