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My news feed after the debate 16 comments
medros · 1 week ago
I mean, when your options are Orange Hitler or literally anyone else, you choose anyone else.
Junior is really excited about fathers body fluids 3 comments
medros · 2 weeks ago
This actually makes sense, Trump would be a jackass that would throw out all other vaccines until one had his name on it. So what if a few hundred thousand people die, that's the price of doing business with Trump.
Sulky mountainous furtive Cod 3 comments
medros · 2 weeks ago
not true. Ralph was originally developed as separate character but was revealed to be the Chief's son in cannon during season 4.
This is Mitts. (8Yo staffy) She went blind through the lockdown, still a good doggo 1 comments
medros · 2 weeks ago
yet another tragedy the Trump presidency let happen on their watch.
Threatening energetic layered Mallard 11 comments
medros · 2 weeks ago
because women can't have sex with each other?!
Yeah I post "memes" 4 comments
medros · 3 weeks ago
Bruh, learn the difference between communism, socialism and dictatorships. Calling yourself communist and being a dictatorship (ie russia, north korea), is like yelling "WU TANG BITCH!" and people thinking you are in the Wu Tang Klan.
Three months is a long time 33 comments
medros · 4 weeks ago
No but if the republicans lose the senate we can put 5 liberal chief justices on the bench. Enjoy that majority for all of 4 months.
Addicting pulsed Lark 8 comments
medros · 5 weeks ago
12 year old mexicans "una cerveza mas por favor."
Feed the children 1 comments
medros · 6 weeks ago
Saudi Arabia is one of wealthiest countries per capita, but they have a massive dictatorship monarchy.
???? Always look on the bright side of life 9 comments
medros · 7 weeks ago
all those unarmed black people were threatening him with their black skin. That's also why he was charged with murder. lol.
Changing too fast 4 comments
medros · 7 weeks ago
Boomers, the generation that was okay with Jim Crow laws.
Families moving into freshly built neighborhoods in the golden years 9 comments
medros · 7 weeks ago
You mean the golden age of redlining so that no minorities could get in these neighborhoods.
I had to do it to 'em 2 comments
medros · 7 weeks ago
The English deserve it.
I believe it 4 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
Right up until they kick you in the face whilst flipping over.
/a/non sparks controversy 1 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
I don't know I'd say Cosby's kinda earned it.
Talkin to the green brehs be like 7 comments
medros · 10 weeks ago
Just because it won't explode easily doesn't make it safe. We don't have a plan for the waste that will take 30,000 years to be safe.
Don't Dead, Open Inside 1 comments
medros · 10 weeks ago
What the hell is happening to this website? It's 25% incel anon shit now...welp, it's been real guys, but I'm not part of the sadsack group that enjoys garbage.
Vv cool, everyone 32 comments
medros · 13 weeks ago
Known members of The Klan: Xvarnah and Famousone. Got it.
medros · 13 weeks ago
Them's good eatin lizards.
Zero active Covid-19 cases in New Zealand Thank you Aotearoa 7 comments
medros · 13 weeks ago
Yeah, an island nation with 4.4 million people spread out at a rate of 15 per square Km. Compared to 328 million with 35 per sq Km.
His fault for tapping out early, IMO 6 comments
medros · 13 weeks ago
somehow I doubt Marie's got hands.
Prepare for death 3 comments
medros · 13 weeks ago
The only time I've ever gotten someone to calm down by telling them is when I put my ex roommate into a wall for beating his kid. When someone yells in your face with that high adrenaline pitched voice to calm down, you probably should.
Light minor Ferret 11 comments
medros · 13 weeks ago
nothing a poisoned bird feeder can't fix.
Letting the stank out 6 comments
medros · 13 weeks ago
The first widespread condom wasn't invented until 1855. Comstock laws made it illegal to make or sell in over 30 states well into the 20th century. So most sex workers didn't use condoms, b/c they couldn't get them.
You won't 4 comments
medros · 14 weeks ago
Reminds me of when Rick went against the president. "Do you want me to drone strike him sir?" "No! Because then that would make him right!"