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It's the law 2 comments
medros · 17 hours ago
also most shoulder injuries have almost no effect on the ability to use that arm.
Where is my helicopter? 7 comments
medros · 4 days ago
so you want zero refunds. Got it. There were no blackhawks left in Afghanistan. The helicopters left were MD-530. Which is an armed light observation helicopter. A blackhawk could eat 15 of these for breakfast. how fucking stupid are tRump supporters? (rhetorical, I know exactly how stupid they are, very.)
Spitting facts 2 comments
medros · 4 days ago
Here's the other 65%, people can a have different sense of humor than you and you are both right.
Now thats an insurrection 19 comments
medros · 4 days ago
So chanting hang the vice president doesn't count as insurrection to you....nice revisionist history. I guess to you the nazis just had "tough immigration laws".
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Boom 2 comments
medros · 5 days ago
yeah, that's what you get when viewers and clicks become more important than content. FYI, there are still journalists out exposing corruption, if Russian hasn't killed them yet.
And then I can buy a house right? 36 comments
medros · 1 week ago
go back to browsing for tiki torches for your next "meeting".
This is with every book to film/tv 6 comments
medros · 1 week ago
tHe bOoK WaS bEtTeR!!!11! Ugg, just stop. No one cares the book was beater b/c the book is almost ALWAYS better. Just enjoy it for what it is or don't.
Cursed 2 comments
medros · 1 week ago
Socialism, but only for white people.
Good news 8 comments
medros · 2 weeks ago
but this only takes into account human death toll (still good news). The damage being done by hurricanes is vastly worse than it was before. If you are getting hit with 7+ major hurricanes per year and it keeps going up, you have to repair that damage over and over again. 2020 has 22 billion in damages just form hurricanes, not even all natural disasters (like fires). There is an economic component here.
Blasting Taylor Swift from the choppers 7 comments
medros · 4 weeks ago
So, there was a lot of factors. After Bush took the country, he had the opportunity to build up the military but decided to work on infrastructure. This allowed the taliban to build strength safely in pakistan (taliban ally) and come back harder than before. So after Bush passed the problem to Obama he tried to take it with a military surge, but the Taliban were too entrenched for a permanent victory. After Obama, Trump decided to leave and made a deal with the Taliban (you know, the guys that trained the 9/11 hijackers). Biden had to follow that deal. It's been a cluster since day 1, but it really isn't Trump/Biden/Obama's fault. They were just following an already bad plan by Bush.
I ***!Ng hate when old people say "back in my day" 4 comments
medros · 5 weeks ago
You mean conservative.
I know how to make pancakes 13 comments
medros · 5 weeks ago
Incels are out in force today...
Stupidity is a National Crisis 7 comments
medros · 6 weeks ago
this guys is also a transphobic conspiracy theorist....so he really shouldn't throw stones from that glass house.
Alpha male is such a sigma thing to say. 43 comments
medros · 6 weeks ago
If what you are saying was true then women would leave men for other men of higher stature as a point of practice. But we can see that is not true and most relationships are not based on public success, but personal connection.
I hope no man feels this pain 8 comments
medros · 7 weeks ago
Ok, math test time. Let's add up all the times provable sexual harassment and assault that have happened to a woman and then let's add up all the times provable false accusations have happened to a man. Enjoy your .01% of victimhood.
The audacity 16 comments
medros · 7 weeks ago
no significant group of individuals believe this. But rightwing asshats want to think they do b/c then it justifies their sexism.
Is this true? 2 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
and it's disgusting.
Medieval art isn't always accurate 8 comments
medros · 9 weeks ago
Just show any combat accurately. John Wick was close but there are some things that folks just can't shrug off. Getting hit with a bat multiple times, getting punched in the face more than 10 times, getting cut or stabbed and the bleeding is so small.
Daily dose of history, part 66 3 comments
medros · 9 weeks ago
good? if you know what japan did to china and other asian nations around it during ww2 you'll realize why they got along with nazis so well...
Very poorly thought out 3 comments
medros · 9 weeks ago
yeah, those aren't genders, they are sizing options. But snarky jackasses on the internet never know what they are talking about. (see comment below)
Dedication 2 comments
medros · 10 weeks ago
if you actually go back and watch it aged baaaaadly. Like, michael isn't a good actor. He's the GOAT basketball player (for now) but he was terrible in it.
This is your fair warning 37 comments
medros · 10 weeks ago
Don't you think society thought about "death penalty" for this already? Do some research. You know what happens when you make "death penalty" for sexual crimes? The criminals have no reason to leave their victims alive and are far FAR more likely to kill the children. So yeah, you get to kill pedos, but you also have a bunch of dead kids (and likely pedos that got away with it b/c they killed the only witness). Also, there is a lot of misplaced loyalty from the children to their offenders, and if the children knew that aunt Jan would be killed then they will never come forward and suffer in silence. So you go ahead and feel like big damn heroes for proclaiming "pEdO bAd mE hErO!" while your betters use logic and evidence to drag your dumb ass into the future you don't deserve but get to enjoy anyway.
A praryer in front of a missing children sign 3 comments
medros · 10 weeks ago
Thoughts and prayers....cause that'll find those kids.
Mom is clever! 2 comments
medros · 10 weeks ago
kid factor resets router and uses the default wifi password printed on the back....Come on mom, step up your game.
If only he used a gun 8 comments
medros · 11 weeks ago
It's almost like they wanted to write a story or something and not just fix your smug "plot hole" advise....