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Cistercian monks had a way to write numbers from 0 to 9999 in one symbol 7 comments
medros · 3 days ago
Don't see a zero here...
What a world 1 comments
medros · 1 week ago
yeah it's almost like protesting is a fundamental part of being american and we should support it even if we don't support the cause. seriously, what do you think all those american soldiers think they died for?
Took my dog and daughter out for the first time together, in a winter wonderland. ( 4 comments
medros · 2 weeks ago
that dog is like "this is fucking bullshit".
Ahead stingy level Aardvark 1 comments
medros · 2 weeks ago
Lol, I was laid off from Virgin Mobile in 2007 b/c the company was trying to save money, so they would hire people during the busy season (not tell us) and then lay everyone off after that. Sure you get unemployment but good luck living off that. Most people found another job right away and Virgin got away with hiring people that thought they had stable, full time work and firing them with little to no consequences. I now work for an investment firm, and they take care of us like no one's business (12% 401k company contributions on top of yours, 60k a year (I have no college degree, just HS and finra certs, which they paid for me to take) holiday bonuses (3-5% of base salary) awesome medical ($1500 is my max out of pocket)) People that say thing that sounds wise or care are rarely either, and actions speak louder than words....Dick Branson.
· Edited 2 weeks ago
A mural of appreciation to the doctors and nurses all over the world 4 comments
medros · 4 weeks ago
unless you poor, then fuck you.
Where do I sign up 3 comments
medros · 5 weeks ago
Let's see the terrorists not freak out over that shit!
G o o d b o I s 1 comments
medros · 6 weeks ago
yeah, until dad tries to kill one of them....
Welcome to 2020, I'll be your guide 8 comments
medros · 7 weeks ago
lol, this person has clearly never looked through 4chan or reddit. That's where creepers live.
#standwithhk #SOShongkong #maydaymayday 32 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
shocker, xvarnah doesn't acknowledge systematic police brutality.
#standwithhk #SOShongkong #maydaymayday 32 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
Other police cover for them. The feds only take reports from the other police that said they did nothing wrong. Militias don't exist, they are called The National Guard now. Everyone who thinks they are a well regulated militia is just a nut with a gun.
This is why we vaccinate our children 15 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
Anti-vaxxers are child abusers. If you knowingly gave your kid a deadly disease by injecting them you'd go to jail, but if you just let them catch it unnecessarily it's a right? Fuck that, you don't get to have kids.
I was always bullied for looking like a guy, today I don't give a damn 3 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
no you weren't, stop it.
Just a few 4 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
I'll lend you as many as you need. I'm pro-idiot. The more stupid folks that kill their grandma's the better.
Ted Danson getting arrested during a protest 13 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
It's really not....Ted is worth 80 million and is currently semi retired.
Uhhh 27 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
Some airbenders can straight up fly.
The sass of christ 3 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
technically he's gonna just poof all the good folks away and leave the rest to die on earth.
Monki is now 7 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
Ted Danson getting arrested during a protest 13 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
It's easy to be arrested when you have enough money for the rest of your life and lawyers and don't have to be at work on monday.
Ted Danson getting arrested during a protest 13 comments
medros · 8 weeks ago
Climate change.
Distorting Map of Countries With the Most COVID-19 Cases Over 3 Months 8 comments
medros · 9 weeks ago
does anyone really believe that china isn't lying their ASSES off?
It's the law 2 comments
medros · 10 weeks ago
If you let the internet tell you when to wank then you're ironically a wanker.
The Empire State Building Vs. The Great White Throne of Zion National Park 2 comments
medros · 11 weeks ago
the Burj Khalifa is 500 ft taller than the great white throne.
Shaolin monk throwing a sewing needle through a pane of glass 2 comments
medros · 11 weeks ago
I often think "you know what's a useful skill I don't have? sewing needle throwing."
Good :P 2 comments
medros · 11 weeks ago
Snopes are shown...that is a lie.
My news feed after the debate 16 comments
medros · 13 weeks ago
I mean, when your options are Orange Hitler or literally anyone else, you choose anyone else.