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Three important items 6 comments
mela · 5 years ago
This is something I never have to worry about... Instead of losing my stuff, I tend to find things and put them in my bag. Frebreeze, small glass jars, a large cooking pot, candles, a cat toy, a cordless phone, a gnome.
Just a few things I've found in my bag the next morning.
Cats, I'm a Kitty Cat 12 comments
mela · 6 years ago
I remember the first time I watched this... I was in 8th grade computer class. I had headphones on but forgot to plug them in. The speakers were on full volume. I got slightly deafened and detention. For weeks people would sing this whenever I was around.
Float like a butterfly sting like a knife 15 comments
mela · 6 years ago
I tried something like this once... Immediate regret. The knife slipped and fell point down, straight into my foot.
Flawless logic 13 comments
mela · 6 years ago
Does anyone know who the gamer is?