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Makes sense 12 comments
mimx · 4 days ago
That was <ALWAYS> my reason. I'm happy to see that I am not the only one...
This comment about living in Switzerland deserves a spot of it's own 4 comments
mimx · 1 week ago
I've only been to Switzerland once, but he is right - damn but their streets are clean.
Can confirm 3 comments
mimx · 3 weeks ago
OMG yes. A thousand times yes.
Getting to the root of the problem 7 comments
mimx · 5 weeks ago
HP and every other book you can lose yourself in...
This is how you weigh a baby giraffe 2 comments
mimx · 8 weeks ago
It's how i weigh my cat.
Amazingly crafted wavy dresser 3 comments
mimx · 11 weeks ago
Do want
I love Jet Tila 7 comments
mimx · 11 weeks ago
My favorite judge on Cutthroat Kitchen
Not a bad idea 10 comments
mimx · 13 weeks ago
If God hadn't meant for us to eat cows, she wouldn't have made them out of beef.
Ice ice baby 1 comments
mimx · 15 weeks ago
I actually do, and quite frequently, thank you.
Roasted circa 1701 7 comments
mimx · 18 weeks ago
ya - they don't make 'em like they used to...
The difference 10 comments
mimx · 18 weeks ago
That makes me sad
Hunger is an emotion 1 comments
mimx · 20 weeks ago
I shouldn't be laughing at that, but dang - so true...
A staircase without any railings 7 comments
mimx · 23 weeks ago
Who the heck thought <that> was a good idea?!?!
Inspiring word. 6 comments
mimx · 23 weeks ago
There were more comments than I thought would be here. All I really expected was One Note
Best way to Hula Hoop? 4 comments
mimx · 26 weeks ago
ya - research purposes...
Hot potato 8 comments
mimx · 28 weeks ago
Lucky potato sack...
If you've seen it follow the Captain 3 comments
mimx · 32 weeks ago
Here's a spoiler: Snape kills Dumbledore.
A shaved Husky 4 comments
mimx · 40 weeks ago
Agreed - that should never be.
Calm sincere weak Chough 6 comments
mimx · 41 weeks ago
Remember - your deeds return to you threefold.
Irish wolfhounds are f**king ENORMOUS 14 comments
mimx · 46 weeks ago
Read the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne if you would like a great story that features the coolest Irish wolfhound you will ever meet. Better yet, listen to the audiobooks.
The wolf I made a while back got a baby brother :) 9 comments
mimx · 48 weeks ago
Those freaking rock!!
Fair enough 8 comments
mimx · 49 weeks ago
Actually, yes - throwing money at something sometimes does indeed give you permission to appear to be a douchebag. I thought that was axiomatic.
Handsomely ultra Dove 7 comments
mimx · 49 weeks ago
There is a reason that ranchers use guard mules and donkeys around here...
Restaurant is trying to rip some people off 20 comments
mimx · 49 weeks ago
I tip on pre-tax amount. I'm sorry - you don't get 20% of what the government decided to levy upon me.
Wanted a cheap Xbox got a bro instead 6 comments
mimx · 51 weeks ago
There are plenty of one-party states out there where only one person needs to know that recording is taking place. Of course, that one party will be the one doing the recording...