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Look at his face omg 2 comments
mimx · 2 weeks ago
heh - my mother has that plate too.
Take one 34 comments
mimx · 3 weeks ago
The watch please.
Difference between a programmer and a tech evangelist 1 comments
mimx · 7 weeks ago
Ya - but the ability for me to tell Alexa to turn off my son's Xbox in the middle of the night if he gets too noisy is priceless.
Best employee in the office 3 comments
mimx · 9 weeks ago
If you zoom out from that picture, you will be able to see the Crime Scene tape.
overqualified 4 comments
mimx · 11 weeks ago
According to Piers Anthony, that is basically exactly how one assumes the Office of Death. Read "On a Pale Horse," if you are interested in more; and a great series of books follows, I might add.
Dolores Umbridge was worse than Voldemort 6 comments
mimx · 14 weeks ago
As bad as she was in the movies, she was 1000x worse in the books.
Makes sense 12 comments
mimx · 16 weeks ago
That was <ALWAYS> my reason. I'm happy to see that I am not the only one...
This comment about living in Switzerland deserves a spot of it's own 4 comments
mimx · 16 weeks ago
I've only been to Switzerland once, but he is right - damn but their streets are clean.
Can confirm 4 comments
mimx · 19 weeks ago
OMG yes. A thousand times yes.
Getting to the root of the problem 7 comments
mimx · 21 weeks ago
HP and every other book you can lose yourself in...
This is how you weigh a baby giraffe 2 comments
mimx · 24 weeks ago
It's how i weigh my cat.
Amazingly crafted wavy dresser 3 comments
mimx · 26 weeks ago
Do want
I love Jet Tila 7 comments
mimx · 27 weeks ago
My favorite judge on Cutthroat Kitchen
Not a bad idea 10 comments
mimx · 28 weeks ago
If God hadn't meant for us to eat cows, she wouldn't have made them out of beef.
Ice ice baby 1 comments
mimx · 30 weeks ago
I actually do, and quite frequently, thank you.
Roasted circa 1701 7 comments
mimx · 33 weeks ago
ya - they don't make 'em like they used to...
The difference 10 comments
mimx · 34 weeks ago
That makes me sad
Hunger is an emotion 1 comments
mimx · 36 weeks ago
I shouldn't be laughing at that, but dang - so true...
A staircase without any railings 7 comments
mimx · 39 weeks ago
Who the heck thought <that> was a good idea?!?!
Inspiring word. 6 comments
mimx · 39 weeks ago
There were more comments than I thought would be here. All I really expected was One Note
Best way to Hula Hoop? 4 comments
mimx · 41 weeks ago
ya - research purposes...
Hot potato 8 comments
mimx · 43 weeks ago
Lucky potato sack...
If you've seen it follow the Captain 3 comments
mimx · 48 weeks ago
Here's a spoiler: Snape kills Dumbledore.
A shaved Husky 4 comments
mimx · 1 year ago
Agreed - that should never be.
Calm sincere weak Chough 6 comments
mimx · 1 year ago
Remember - your deeds return to you threefold.