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Student-teacher conference 2 comments
mrscollector · 18 hours ago
I told her as a kid you make up stupid lies it’s a given. You say you met a famous person or you have a bf/gf from a different school or online lol you don’t say I been to South Korea when it’s obvious you get free lunch lmfao
I told her at one point you will drop the lies and just tell the truth. She is now in jr high and doesn’t tell crazy stories she tells the true ones. Every once in a while she says her friends bring up old stuff she lied about and she just goes yeah I remember that and than changes subject lmfao.
Student-teacher conference 2 comments
mrscollector · 18 hours ago
When my kid was in 3rd grade I had a rather interesting parent teacher conference.
My daughter was with me in the meeting.
All was good her work was good she was a bit of a talker and artist as expected. lol
But than the teacher asked if we been to South Korea?
( 0.o ) <— Me
That is when my kid leans back in her chair as if to yawn and stretch and she whispers “say yes”
This little shit told her class and teacher we was in South Korea when I took her to meet my family in Texas.
I laughed and said it seemed she told a fish story that got away from her.
I asked the teacher not to tell the class she lied but I assured my kid wouldn’t be lying like that again.
My kid was scared I be mad. I legit laughed and told her she needed to learn to proper lie.
I told her she could of said she went to six flags while in Texas that be believable but South Korea no lol we to poor and the teacher knew it.
Xylophone 2 comments
mrscollector · 19 hours ago
THE GOOD PLACE lol I miss this show it was such a great show
A cup full of regret over dropping him 1 comments
mrscollector · 21 hours ago
O yeah sure those veggies are totally going to be used
Really? Cold pizza for breakfast again?
Yeah that diet sure working out for you
Don’t give me that look you know very well you bought me fully for the purpose to chug in one sitting
Trrriiiinn trrrriinn 1 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Me laughing at the fact gas does not have a forever shelf life and by putting it in plastic gas cans actually lowers the shelf life to months or less a few weeks.
Also laughing at the fact that they are buying it at a lot of money but when it is low again they will feel like shit.
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You can milk me if you insist... Moo... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 4 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Never met a female named root I met a Ruth but not a root
What she expect? A cow name Dave?
They are girls why not name them girl names?
Wait wait are we supposed to give them neutral names like Alex and Kia in case the cow feels more like a bull than a cow?
*Thinking* -.- wait am I being insensitive to the cows gender identity by name it a girls name?
My dog is named Mia and is a girl should we of renamed her a neutral name? (She came with the name)
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First yelp review 1750BC 1 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Imagine being so pissed you legit carve the anger you feel into a rock and send it to them!
Lmfao I would of said it to their face even if they was 100s miles away lol I ain’t got time to chisel out my complaint
Oh my god so advanced 4 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
I miss the good old days when they gave bacon lol
Can cows swim and other things my brain wants to know at 3am 6 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Added note there was once a swimming pig at a park that shows live shows with “mermaids”.
The pig would swim in and out of the show area and will dive down to one of the straw like tubes where the mermaids get oxygen so they can stay under water longer and will suck air out of the tubes than keep swimming.
It’s in San Marcus Texas lol I sadly never got to see it but both my parents have.
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Daily dose of history, part 4 3 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
O I know an interesting fact about him!
So when Outback Steakhouse first launched there was a framed photo of Paul Hogan as Crocodile Dundee in every restaurant.
But due to not asking for copyright of not only his image but his character’s name as well he sued the restaurant and won forcing them to take down the picture and remove the name on the menu.
My oldest brother worked at one at this time and got to keep the picture. He still has it.
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Can cows swim and other things my brain wants to know at 3am 6 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
I have seen it for myself and yes they can. Not gracefully but yes they can lmfao
Bald Eagle Grey Wolf 5 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Lmfao the wolf is like SHIT I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WAS SMALLER!!!
Daily dose of history, part 3 3 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
The question isn’t how could he hit someone like that.
The question we need to ask is what the guy do to deserve it.
Good things to those who wait 4 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS EXS claim they NEVER saw Johnny act as she said he did! NEVER! And some of his ex’s flat out hate his ass but stood by him which I think is awesome.
Fake facts you were taught. 33 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
You scared me that is my favorite dinosaur thank God its real lol
Fake facts you were taught. 33 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Let’s see umm the internet is filled with criminals and hackers.
It’s really just people like you and some ass holes.
Eggs are bad for you
Eggs are good for you lol
They taught me only Jewish people went to camps in ww2
Not true there was many types of people.
Also America put people into camps as well
Pilgrims were nice to native Americans
Columbus discovered America
Pluto is a planet
Seriously I can go on forever
Abandon crab evolve cat 3 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
It was how we gotten cats and dogs lmfao
Jaws 1 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Lmfao ok I’m crying that is good
No rush please 3 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Lol this took me a minute to figure out what it was lol
I've been wondering about this for years 3 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
That moment when you relies fire under water is possible.
Case in point under water welding would not be possible without it.
You want sum'? 2 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Back when me my husband and daughter was living with my husbands grandfather and their full grown middle aged son lived with them as well.
There was a yellow jacket nest right above our front door.
The son told the grandfather that they needed to call a pest control guy and get it removed. ( truth was he was asking for the money to call a guy and was going to pocket most of it and call someone dirt cheap.)
I said NO you don’t.
The uncle said yes we do it’s dangerous you dont know anything stay out of it.
I said all you have to do is set the water hose to HIGH power spray (they had a water hose head) than blast the nest and stomp on it. Make sure to do it around night time so all the bugs are at the nest,
He said they sting you you idiot blah blah blah.
It was night time already so I went to the hose turned it on put the head on high power spray blasted the nest down stomped all the bugs and nest to mash and tossed the remains in the trash.
lol It pissed him off so much lmfao
I really like My Next Life as a Villainess 2 comments
mrscollector · 3 days ago
Wait this is anime??? I thought it was only a manga!!!!
Ah, yes...The boob folder 4 comments
mrscollector · 3 days ago
They did it wrong lol
More like where's the combat helmet 6 comments
mrscollector · 3 days ago
You need stuff to aim at for practice how else will you be skilled enough to shoot the virus out of someone. Lol
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Romme's relationship with patches 1 comments
mrscollector · 4 days ago
Literally my cat Allen and dog Mia’s relationship Allen the cat loves Mia. Mia hates Allen. Allen doesn’t understand why she denies his love.