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Her name is Cashew 3 comments
mrscollector · 2 hours ago
Aw those eyes lol it looks like a cartoon puppy lol so cute
Smug Ass Marshmallow may be my new spirit animal 1 comments
mrscollector · 2 hours ago
OMYGOD Lmmfao it does look like a smug ass marshmallow Lmmfao
Everyone’s jealous of my new masks lol 1 comments
mrscollector · 12 hours ago
My husband works at staples and his new mask is Dunder and Mifflin inc paper company logo. Lol his coworkers call him Dwight
Subway telling it like it is 2 comments
mrscollector · 13 hours ago
My husband was at a jimmy johns and some ass guy was there in front of my husband.
The guy was saying how masks are bullshit and the usual BS.
Every time he talk to the employee he uncovered his mouth and after the 3rd time the employee canceled the guy’s order and said sorry seeing as you can’t comply with the rules we refuse to place your order. Good bye have a nice day.
The guy asked for the manger and the manger said sir please leave before we have to call authorities. Lol
The guy left all in a huff.
They apologized to my husband who was the only other customer and they gave him free cookies. They said they had to sell them or get rid them but they was still really good and they was lol he got 6 so he gave me and the kid 2 each.
Honoring a pledge to 10-year-old-me to only give out FULL size candy bars on Halloween 1 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
As a kid I live half a block away from a friend of mine whose dad worked for Hershey’s and every Halloween he would give out king size candy bars because he gets them for free. I made sure every year to stop by that man’s house at least twice
Hummingbird and bees sharing water by Toshiyasu Morita 2 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
When ever me and my kid are in a pool and we see bees I tell her to try tell me and I scoop the bees out the water.
When it’s a yellow jacket or wasp lol I tell her push it with splashing to the water filter or just let the shits drown lol
That's what I call a pro gamer move 1 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
You got to love people who see the down side and know how to turn them into a positive lol
Blue waffle 49 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Groggy popcorn flavored jellybeans ???
All plant lives matter 7 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Look I hate typical Vegan people as much as the next person but don’t do that.
It actually makes them feel sick.
After a while when your body doesn’t consume animal products it rejects it when reintroduce. Making the person feel sick or bloated.
And unless you want to be branded as one of those assholes who when someone flat out tells you that they are allergic to something and you think it is funny to feed it to them to “test them” than do as people ask and don’t let them eat anything they don’t want to eat.
You don’t have to go out your way to make them comfortable just tell them what is REALLY in the food.
The Lucky Charms golden ratio 2 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
I get chocolate cereal with marshmallows generic kind lol you know ones in the bags. See that way if you run out of Marshmallows Who cares you got chocolate cereal still lol
Bad cop 2 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
My dad told us once that he never pulled bad cop good cop but he did once pull bad cop sexy cop lol
We asked what do you mean and he said his partner was the normal bad cop but he be like NO DONT HURT HIM he has such kind eyes lol
You didn’t mean to steal that car did you baby? You was just running scared huh? I bet you have such a tender heart. *whole time he be running his fingers up the guys arms and giving him massages lol and making googly eyes at the poor guy* my dad was a big man 6’3 big Dad gut on him as well but he had a baby face. And he flutter his eyes at this guy and finally the guy cracked lol he said FINE I WILL TELL YOU JUST GET HIM AWAY! lmfao
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Ah, yes, videos made for kids 2 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Yeah don’t trust YouTube there is some real assholes out there.
When my kid was little she loved lazy town so I would find her lazy town videos and made my own playlists for her to watch because one time I found a playlist with kid videos in it and it seemed fine till the 4th video in where it was NOT a real lazy town video but a stripper dressed as the pink girl and she was strip teasing in the video.
THANK GOD I prescreened the list before I showed her the playlist. It even had a picture for the video that looked like a normal lazy town video. This was when they had screen capture as the icon of the video and it took it dead middle of the video so if you wanted it you had to place it perfectly middle. So yeah they did that shit on purpose.
I'll drink to that! 1 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
But it comes a hour later in fall
Successful regular puzzling Armadillo 4 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Yes but it would of been smarter to use a picture of someone who fit the image they were going for.
Successful regular puzzling Armadillo 4 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Except that is Brendan Fraser and he DOES own/run a Ranch.
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Squirrel advice 2 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Remember it’s not a deal unless you already have planned to buy it.
Just because something says it’s on sale also doesn’t mean it is many stores like Walmart and target the employees have admitted that sometimes the big deal is pre marked when it comes off the truck. Even if it’s a brand new item.
And never forget just because something is brand new doesn’t mean you need to replace your old one.
A new tv every year is not only a waste but extremely expensive. Tvs can last many years if well taken care for.
Y'all nasty 3 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
I decided to troll my husband one day.
I looked up a song play list and played the first song.
He said damn I love this song.
Song 2 comes on he said O shit I love THIS song
Song 3 comes on he said OK WHAT IS THIS PLAYLIST?? It has all the best songs.
I said the name of the playlist:
“Songs white people like“
We are both white.
He just hung his head and said play the next song.
When it came on he said DAMN IT!
lmfao he liked it as well.
Moving a Giant Centipede to a New Enclosure (NSFW just because of the Giant Centipede) 12 comments
mrscollector · 3 days ago
You mean moving a nope to a new nope box
Happy Thanksgiving 4 comments
mrscollector · 3 days ago
On the strawberries it is miniature marshmallows on the one that they’re holding white chocolate
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I was so excited to watch Hamilton on Disney+ and I loved every minute of it! I did need 2 comments
mrscollector · 3 days ago
Well actually I watch everything was closed captions on even on YouTube when I can because some don’t have it and some are just YouTube trying their best but it’s terrible lol it’s mainly because I have problems registering what People say in movies and TV due to my Dyslexia so seeing subtitles along with the stuff that I watch helps me realize what they’re saying. I’ve been doing it for so long that I don’t even register that I’m reading while I’m watching movies and TV shows. That’s why I’m so used to it that for foreign films I’m watching them and I am reading along what they’re saying and when I remember back about the shows I don’t picture them speaking in their language I picture them speaking in English LOL
Nail this guy to a cross, amiright? 16 comments
mrscollector · 3 days ago
He was also the pope that got rid of the golden chair for a simple one which I think is awesome.
He is a truer pope for the people
Are you afraid of the dark? 24 comments
mrscollector · 3 days ago
Being against the wall I love, I only hate how I must inch to end of the bed to get up lol and being squished by hubby lol
He feels better sleeping on my left and being closets to the door. I feel better against the wall. Maybe coming from when I was little and my grandmother and me not only shared a room but shared a big bed that was like made in the 1920s lol ( new mattress though lol)
Coming from family of 6 kids and being only girl it was obvious I was the one to be with grandma lol.
My moms thanksgiving pie 3 comments
mrscollector · 3 days ago
When you only have a little whip cream
Recondite flagrant shivering Rabbit 3 comments
mrscollector · 3 days ago
My husband’s grandfather is 99 and we joke that God don’t want him and the devil is scared of
See he was a Southern Baptist preacher it’s just retired this past year when his Alzheimer’s and dementia got to bad.
A restaurant in Malaysia gives discounts based on how thin you are 9 comments
mrscollector · 3 days ago
What’s funny is that the guy that won the worlds eating contest of the most hotdogs is like super skinny so if this is a all you can eat buffet they fucked up