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Potatoes! 1 comments
mrscollector · 4 days ago
Minimum wage 2012 $8.00
Minimum wage 2022 $15.00
also what happen to the houses around it? If more rich people moved in the prices go up. Sadly the sale of one house can alter the sale of another. Case in point my grandma’s friend lived next door to her. The friend sold her house for half of what it was worth so her son could buy it. BUT because it had to go on market for it to be sold at that price legally, it showed the value of houses on that street are less than they were. So when my grandma tries to sell her house she had to lower it greatly to get people to take it after they found out what the house next door sold for even though it was bigger than my grandma’s house.
And it can go the other way someone sales their house for a fortune a bigger house on the block can try to do same and if it does than the house values go up. Also was there up grades in the home. The list can go on and on it’s not just stuff cost more.
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For those of you having a rough day 3 comments
mrscollector · 5 days ago
Only the bottom left is real the others are toys -.- but they really do have cute babies
RIP, Sidney Poitier. 3 comments
mrscollector · 1 week ago
And that’s 3 DAMN IT!!! Why is it always in 3s Betty white, Bob Saget, and Sidney Poitier! -.-
What would you do if you didn't have to worry about income? 12 comments
mrscollector · 1 week ago
Yes I have said this so much before!
People always get so mad at rich people because they let their kids go be artist or act or do what ever they want or do nothing at all. And people say all they do is spend money they need a job! Bitch they are giving money to YOUR JOB! That rich woman who walked in and bought thousands of dollars of stuff is helping the economy if she hoards it it hurts us. LET THEM SPEND! lol
Sniff snoff 4 comments
mrscollector · 1 week ago
I think it’s so funny how when you want to leave we leave but I want to leave YOU are talking to someone
Rated XXX 7 comments
mrscollector · 1 week ago
I’m livid
Ha ha ha -.-
Supporting female entrepreneurs 3 comments
mrscollector · 1 week ago
I call it giving little girls money to go to camp. Because that’s actually what it is. The money they get from the cookies pays for them to go on a retreat. I was in Girl Scouts the den mom admitted that to me.
This meme was made by the privileged gang 1 comments
mrscollector · 2 weeks ago
Your parents are as well
How he met her grandmother 3 comments
mrscollector · 2 weeks ago
I asked how my grandma decided to marry my grandpa and she told me she was dating a teacher and my grandpa at the same time and grandpa asked first so she told the teacher and he said Don’t marry him I will marry you! She told him no she loves sam more.
Lol my grandma was 2 timing and BOTH GUYS KNEW!!! lol
The terrifying anatomy of Grimace 14 comments
mrscollector · 3 weeks ago
He was the star for a whole week lol
Food, how do they work? 9 comments
mrscollector · 4 weeks ago
Excuse me but hotdogs are only 2 slices of bread yes they are connected but they are still only 2 slices which make it a sandwich
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You've Heard of Elf on a Shelf Predictive Text Game 29 comments
mrscollector · 4 weeks ago
You heard of elf on a shelf well get ready for Christmas lol I love it so much I just want you lol to know how many times I got the same message lol
What the fudge lol that all was one shot lol I think my phone loved these lol
Hope this stays readable, found it hella useful :) 5 comments
mrscollector · 5 weeks ago
So I run social media and website for a little local farm’s fruit stand. The owner is the son and his dad runs the behind scene legal stuff like my salary for up keep. One day when getting my check the dad calls me over to his pc and asks me why when he goes to google and puts in the farms name a bunch of other farms and their produce show up with his?
-.- I had to explain if he wanted to see only his farm he have to use “ ”s or the # I made. The farm has a unique name so once he did that only his stuff popped up.
He legit thought I wasn’t doing my job because other peoples farm popped up when he typed the words (farm name)family fruit stand farm lmfao
Ouch 12 comments
mrscollector · 6 weeks ago
I pick the mask mask because it enhances my personality. I think I would turn into a super caring super hero that can use my ability to tell stories and make them become real. As in if I described a bear it appear in front of me lol and it kick bad guys ass.
Why do I even bother? 11 comments
mrscollector · 6 weeks ago
No I wake up feeling like why do I bother than get more positive as I go but by the end I am glad the day is over lol
Weak 4 comments
mrscollector · 6 weeks ago
Tv show called Guiding light has Total: 18,262 so yeah
Maybe it's a Brims-toad missile 3 comments
mrscollector · 7 weeks ago
This makes me angry. Mainly because I didn’t think of it first. Lol
Sweet child of no school 2 comments
mrscollector · 8 weeks ago
She missed to many days of online school last year. We had to explain she has a chronic illness and the online school is confusing. THANK GOD they believed us and gave us a chance to make it up and they took many of them off.
Damn kid lol she nearly had us in jail and she legit told us Sorry I just don’t like school.
-.- and this was before her Tourette’s really began to show its self.
Good soldiers follow orders 2 comments
mrscollector · 8 weeks ago
Dark Souls players are screwed 27 comments
mrscollector · 9 weeks ago
I’m stuck in a regular every day life but at least there is motherlode cheat codes lol
The Sims 4 lol
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Sorry, that’s just how it works. 15 comments
mrscollector · 9 weeks ago
Well I’m Ace so there you go lol
Maggie just wants you to be proud of her leaf 3 comments
mrscollector · 9 weeks ago
Aww lol that is like my poor baby girl Fat Cat lol. Yes that was her name and that is what she was. She would bring little gifts up to you and refused to give them but be like “Listen it’s not for you I just want you to see how good a job I did.” So we go wow did you catch that flower all by yourself good job. Then she happily make biscuits like YES PRAISE ME MORE! lol
America vs England on the stubbing of toes 7 comments
mrscollector · 9 weeks ago
Lol I usually say “Jesus, Mary, n Joesph!”
Or “Son of a nut cracker!”
Or “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother!”
Or “ERRRRRR FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! WHO PUT THIS THING HERE?!?!?” (The door has been there since they built the house.) -.-
We've met before.... Or so I am told 8 comments
mrscollector · 10 weeks ago
Do you know how Caroll Spinney the man in the big bird costume met his wife?
He met this woman who he thought was Beautiful and smart. He asked her out. She said no
Couple months go by he sees another beautiful smart girl and he asks her out. But she says no.
Months go by again and sees yet another beautiful smart woman and he asked her out. She DOESN'T SAY NO! She says yes. He asked her what made her say yes and she says well you asked me 2 times before and you just seem so persistent that I decided to give you a chance. Lol he had no idea it was all the same woman! Lmfao
Smarter than the average bear 2 comments
mrscollector · 10 weeks ago
Lmfao I just picture the first meeting
Bear shows up nagging on old deer bone wishing it had meat. Sees the trash cans remembers humans throw good stuff inside. Try’s to get to them and here comes dog.
Dog starts to bark like good dog should. Bear turns to dog deer bone still in mouth. Dog barks than stop dead in tracks seeing the long deer bone. Dog thinking DEAR GOD I DIDN'T KNOW THEY GET THAT BIG?
Dog ask bear if bone good? Bear look at bone than at dog. Notices dog follows bone where ever it goes. Bear points to trash than himself and than shows dog bone. Dog immediately gets it. He gets deer bone if the bear can have the trash. Dog agrees.
Life long deal is set and sealed. Bear brings new bones and dog lets it take trash. Lol