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French fry alignment guide 6 comments
mrscollector · 2 hours ago
Waffle fries is by far my favorite
I’m trying to figure out what kind of disability is this 2 comments
mrscollector · 11 hours ago
It’s the Karen parking space.
They think they have the same rights as the disabled but truth is they have their head up their ass.
Yup, seems about right 3 comments
mrscollector · 20 hours ago
It’s been so long since I have seen that movie it took me a minute lol
2020 3 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
So here is the thing
I have extremely bad knees due to when I was a teen and dislocated my knee cap in my sleep and my parents never got it fixed. Long story there. Plus I suffer from lung issues. Another long story.
But due to them on bad days I am forced to use an electric cart in stores and when we go to Disneyland.
Now though I have used them some what often in the past I am a TERRIBLE DRIVER! lmfao
I can not count how many times I ran over something or hit a shelf.
And worse is when I end up like this lmfao
One time I legit just got out the cart had my kid sit on it and as she turned it I pushed it.
Wall-E for you 1 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Wall-e ends up placing it in the middle lol
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No, not in this life 4 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Well actually human waste is not good fertilizer.
It is very risky to use due to it having a higher risk of doing more harm to your heath than normal fertilizer.
Human waste has carries diseases the body gets rid of.
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No, not in this life 4 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
You know they never leave. The bodies are still there and some are even used as markers.
Plus the mountain is covered in “human waste” and trash.
It really was once this beautiful mountain but now it is just this giant mountain of trash, poop, and dead bodies.
Equable grandiose metallic Seahorse 3 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
My 2nd to oldest brother is a bit of an ass lol his best buddy has a kid and when the kid turned 6 my brother got the kid a kid size full drum kit. With everything a real drum kit has just scaled down. It cost around 200 plus but My brother says it is well worth it because for months after the kids birthday my brother’s buddy called my brother a son of a bitch lmfao
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I just informed my newly pregnant fiancé that I didn’t know how to properly hold a 3 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
My husband didn’t know a thing about child care when we had our daughter.
Didn’t know how to hold her or swaddle her. He didn’t know how to change diapers or feed her from a bottle or later on from a spoon with baby food.
He didn’t even know how to put in a car seat.
I had to show him everything. But he was and still is a great Dad. First time I did something with her he was right there so he could learn how to do it.
He wanted to do everything for her.
Well except diapers lmfao I can count on my hand how many times he changed a diaper.
But you can’t blame him lol first diaper he changed was the black tar diaper new borns have and that scarred him for life. Lol
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Save the trees, go plastic 3 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
I remember when you could say double bag and they would put a paper bag IN a plastic bag and IT WAS FREE FOR BOTH BAGS!!!
Solid advice 6 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
I need this as a card to hand out lol
Fishy Fun Day #47: Meme Edition 17 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Tom Tucker?
Love these movies 11 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Well it was the longest running play so it had to be doing something right
Trad 4 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Our cat is such a chicken shit we could leave our door wide open for years and it would never even go near it.
When I step out onto our patio he sits by the door and cry’s till I come back in.
One time I open the door so he could see me and I sat next to the door. He poked his front paw out and tried to drag me back inside.
Anons discuss equality 7 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Let me put it this way:
Picture an underage girl who wanted to have sex with an older male.
See even if at that time she may feel she wants to do it, it would more than likely make her feel damaged later in life due to it. Because though she thought she was physically ready to do so she really wasn’t mentally ready for such a situation. There is more to sex than the act alone. also most people don’t realize that sex is not always pleasant for everyone. Plus it is never what you think it be like.
So now just reverse the gender because honestly just assuming an underage male would be more capable of dealing with the weight of such a decision is beyond stupid.
There is a reason why it is against the law for adults to be with underage kids in that way. Even just talking to them in that way.
Romeo and Juliet may of been kids but they were also fictional.
Love these movies 11 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Well it’s based off a play so lol
Very few plays turn into good movies.
I mean just look at cats
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What have you brought upon this cursed land 1 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
When bots use inside jokes from other sites
Mood 2 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
When I was a kid we never said we are bored. Because we would be given something to do lol.
I remember one summer my cousin was staying a week with us and she said there was nothing to do she was bored.
Our grandmother went to the kitchen got a bucket handed me and her a sponge than told us to wash the cars since we are bored.
I still remember saying I wasn’t bored it was her!
When we got outside I told her I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF!
We had 5 cars at that time and we had to wash all them.
I told her after we were done that I cannot wait till she goes home. Lmfao
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The undead 2 comments
mrscollector · 4 days ago
She wants us all to be healthy for when she drinks our blood
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Chips are more important than I realized 4 comments
mrscollector · 5 days ago
You guys are missing the best part of the movie she is so going to be found in that shed.
Sincerely, the rest of the world 4 comments
mrscollector · 5 days ago
Your late
Fixed 2 comments
mrscollector · 1 week ago
lmfao I will lose everything I am handed.
I have lost:
My own glasses
My wallet
Credit cards
My purse
My switch
My cup
My snacks
Dog’s treats
Cat’s treats
Charger cords
Ear phones
One time I lost a can of ravioli my kid asked me to make lol
There is so much more I lost lol
But I always find the stuff either in a few minutes or a few days.
But still I tell my husband and kid DON’T HAND ME SHIT!
Lol they gotten where they say where is “item”? Than they say ok who let mom touch it?
Debate me 9 comments
mrscollector · 1 week ago
I think it’s commenting on how catholic religion kind of white washed the bible in movies and art
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Anyone know what that is on my cats arm? 6 comments
mrscollector · 1 week ago
Also a lot of people don’t know that cats have whiskers just behind their paws. You can see the whiskers in the picture
Anyone know what that is on my cats arm? 6 comments
mrscollector · 1 week ago
Actually that is called the carpal pad.
Cats have an extra forepaw pad called a carpal pad, found behind and above the large metacarpal pad used for walking. It is thought to provide an anti-skidding feature when cats land after a jump. Deep, fatty layers in the cat's footpads act as shock absorbers for jump-landings and other aerial acrobatic feats.