Doctor Octopus 2 comments
mudvamp · 1 year ago
It's been confirmed that Alfred Molina will be back for the next Spider-Man instalment as Doctor Octopus!
Poor guy 16 comments
mudvamp · 5 years ago
Y'all got any more of them double standards 16 comments
mudvamp · 6 years ago
As someone outside US, Obama seems cool and well liked
Not sure if this counts as a selfie but- 10 comments
mudvamp · 8 years ago
Hahaha nice selfie
Finally getting to turn on the ac in my ridiculously hot apartment 8 comments
mudvamp · 9 years ago
I wished I looked this fabulous
Introducing the Popular, Trending & Fresh page 24 comments
mudvamp · 9 years ago
I like the idea of the trending page