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Goodwill Warhammer 4 comments
mykulweevur · 1 week ago
I don’t know what this picture wants to tell me 1 comments
mykulweevur · 2 weeks ago
I hate it, thanks
Sad adventurer noises 4 comments
mykulweevur · 6 weeks ago
It was obvious, saw it coming a mile away... Still hurt
yeah! 2 comments
mykulweevur · 6 weeks ago
Don't be surprised when the username is that.
Police shield 5 comments
mykulweevur · 9 weeks ago
Or Kratos' Shield
burn 6 comments
mykulweevur · 13 weeks ago
Front right is chief. Front left is soups and rice. Back left is for the kettle. Back right is for the pans you wanna use later but aren't using now.
Such sass much wow 4 comments
mykulweevur · 16 weeks ago
This octopus is walking? He pretending to be a crap orsumthn?
Through the eyes of Aeon Flux 1 comments
mykulweevur · 16 weeks ago
Nice. Some of the best dark animation out there.
Pretty accurate, no wonder I have to empty my pocket to get my keys 6 comments
mykulweevur · 23 weeks ago
This is very accurate, is this true for everyone else??!?
I repent and ask forgiveness for my sins 8 comments
mykulweevur · 23 weeks ago
btw there is some top notch theology from Pope Benedict XVI on purgatory and preparation of, if your into that sorta thing. Apparently it's gunna hurt a lot >o<
· Edited 23 weeks ago
I repent and ask forgiveness for my sins 8 comments
mykulweevur · 23 weeks ago
Anyone know the broken glass story. You and a friend are playing catch with a baseball, but one of your throws was off and goes through a neighbor's window. Now you apologize and the neighbor is understanding and forgives you, but the glass is still broken and that's on you.
The bad throw is the wrong you did, or sin. The neighbor's forgiveness is reconciliation (confession with a priest and personal repentance). The broken glass is the irreversable damage and consequences which you must answer for.
The murderer may make it to heaven but not without paying for all the damage he did, by way of purgatory.
This old gif 3 comments
mykulweevur · 30 weeks ago
The real trick is to swap her direction without looking at the edited ones. I have yet to succeed.
Helf 3 comments
mykulweevur · 32 weeks ago
Arm, as long as it's my left (non main). I genuinely think you can learn to do almost anything with just one arm. I guess gaming would be fucked and certain activities might be impossible, but I could learn to give that up do other things. However I find my mobility, balance, and ability to travel or run even in difficult terrain is far more intrinsically valuable.
Indian Flying Fox and its cub 7 comments
mykulweevur · 32 weeks ago
What kind of dog is this??
Things you are better of knowing 6 comments
mykulweevur · 33 weeks ago
This is a million times better in Dwight's voice.
Ah, the good old days. 11 comments
mykulweevur · 34 weeks ago
Where's the chapstick song comes to mind as an "early" meme. Most likely not the first tho
Came up with this gem last night 2 comments
mykulweevur · 35 weeks ago
Farts are just butt burps.
And you shall never forget me 6 comments
mykulweevur · 36 weeks ago
What is this from?
This is the photo my fiancé and I did for our wedding invitations 2 comments
mykulweevur · 37 weeks ago
Why they looking off to the side?
If you think you have a bad day, think twice 5 comments
mykulweevur · 38 weeks ago
Looks like Caesar being stabbed in the back colorized
Nice 2 comments
mykulweevur · 39 weeks ago
Initially its just some guy messing around in a mask but all of a sudden-- GRR I'll huff and I'll puff bitch! All business.
I guess I'm in to Merfolk fan fiction now 2 comments
mykulweevur · 39 weeks ago
I didn't know I wanted this but this lore is very cool. I need more made up mythology in my life.
Gibby 4 comments
mykulweevur · 41 weeks ago
We don't deserve Gibby.
I remember thinking this was so funny 3 comments
mykulweevur · 42 weeks ago
Nah he just Spencer