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Met Danny Trejo at a NAPA about 6 years ago 2 comments
mylowk2 · 2 weeks ago
And what sage wisdom did he share with you?
Ebertplatz in Koln, Germany 2 comments
mylowk2 · 5 weeks ago
Ah the fatherland. I was born in Landstuhl gotta get back there someday
Mom no... Lol 4 comments
mylowk2 · 6 weeks ago
I feel like Boomers win this one because they had the right idea. its Gen X who made it into what it is now. Why does the hate skip a generation?
2 · Edited 6 weeks ago
And my war cry shall be... ALE-ALE-JANDRO! 2 comments
mylowk2 · 6 weeks ago
Men arent in a fight right
Update: Hurricane dorian 1 comments
mylowk2 · 6 weeks ago
Her names Arthur? Word
Be educated 6 comments
mylowk2 · 7 weeks ago
People honestly have nothing better to live for so they go all in on it. Though I bet theres a lot of trolls
Makes you think... 14 comments
mylowk2 · 18 weeks ago
It's the Hollow Earthers obviously
Experience 3 comments
mylowk2 · 19 weeks ago
Add "in bed" to every fortune cookie ever. It always works
This.... Is...... Adorable 4 comments
mylowk2 · 22 weeks ago
Squirrels also push baby birds out of the nest so they break their bones and are easy targets. Adorable
In Honk Kong, pets have their own ID cards 7 comments
mylowk2 · 25 weeks ago
In America. People have rights
Real love 6 comments
mylowk2 · 27 weeks ago
Blackberry. 8 comments
mylowk2 · 27 weeks ago
Silly plebs, palm pilots.
One wierd little push can change your life 2 comments
mylowk2 · 28 weeks ago
Oh, you like music? 3 comments
mylowk2 · 29 weeks ago
Not even gonna mention twinkle twinkle little star wow
TIM 8 comments
mylowk2 · 30 weeks ago
Big. Pointy. Teeth.
Sums it up! 4 comments
mylowk2 · 31 weeks ago
Watterson ahead of his time again
Why does no one talk about the fact that J. Jonah Jameson legitimately tried to save 7 comments
mylowk2 · 32 weeks ago
Cus snitches get stitches duh
La-Z-Boy E-cliner 3000 1 comments
mylowk2 · 34 weeks ago
Nice friends ref in the title ^
Different perspectives matter 4 comments
mylowk2 · 34 weeks ago
Or ya know, hes sitting down
Consider their spirits lifted 3 comments
mylowk2 · 34 weeks ago
Oh they getting drunk
Thanos: *heavy breathing* 12 comments
mylowk2 · 34 weeks ago
They actually developed a lot of medicine and actual hospitals and not just a room where you go to die as they were before. So yeah it did
Fapiato with Caramel 1 comments
mylowk2 · 36 weeks ago
Circles all text on the image in case u dont know what to read
It has 4 comments
mylowk2 · 36 weeks ago
Looks to be a pic of a drawing
I became this evil only after I watched the new Joker movie 1 comments
mylowk2 · 36 weeks ago
Btw we just re drop the fries in the oil to wash the salt off
Post title 7 comments
mylowk2 · 41 weeks ago
Grandmas got the best loot sooo