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This.... Is...... Adorable 4 comments
mylowk2 · 2 days ago
Squirrels also push baby birds out of the nest so they break their bones and are easy targets. Adorable
In Honk Kong, pets have their own ID cards 7 comments
mylowk2 · 3 weeks ago
In America. People have rights
Real love 6 comments
mylowk2 · 5 weeks ago
Blackberry. 8 comments
mylowk2 · 5 weeks ago
Silly plebs, palm pilots.
One wierd little push can change your life 2 comments
mylowk2 · 6 weeks ago
Oh, you like music? 3 comments
mylowk2 · 7 weeks ago
Not even gonna mention twinkle twinkle little star wow
TIM 9 comments
mylowk2 · 8 weeks ago
Big. Pointy. Teeth.
Sums it up! 4 comments
mylowk2 · 9 weeks ago
Watterson ahead of his time again
Why does no one talk about the fact that J. Jonah Jameson legitimately tried to save 7 comments
mylowk2 · 10 weeks ago
Cus snitches get stitches duh
La-Z-Boy E-cliner 3000 1 comments
mylowk2 · 12 weeks ago
Nice friends ref in the title ^
Different perspectives matter 4 comments
mylowk2 · 12 weeks ago
Or ya know, hes sitting down
Consider their spirits lifted 3 comments
mylowk2 · 12 weeks ago
Oh they getting drunk
Thanos: *heavy breathing* 12 comments
mylowk2 · 12 weeks ago
They actually developed a lot of medicine and actual hospitals and not just a room where you go to die as they were before. So yeah it did
Fapiato with Caramel 1 comments
mylowk2 · 14 weeks ago
Circles all text on the image in case u dont know what to read
It has 4 comments
mylowk2 · 14 weeks ago
Looks to be a pic of a drawing
I became this evil only after I watched the new Joker movie 1 comments
mylowk2 · 14 weeks ago
Btw we just re drop the fries in the oil to wash the salt off
Post title 7 comments
mylowk2 · 18 weeks ago
Grandmas got the best loot sooo
Reality is often disappointing 17 comments
mylowk2 · 19 weeks ago
They dont have to go together it's just comparing two different things lol
Ain't that some shit 12 comments
mylowk2 · 22 weeks ago
New reboot will suck even with Tom Holland. They built his character through other characters that now have no part in each others universes. All plotlines connected with him and all relationships he has, like Happy, Nick Fury, etc. Gone. I think Disney would be foolish to not reconsider the 5 % or whatever it was before to share Spiderman. We'll see. if they make a deal, that means Disney actually cares about the fans and not just the money.
Good scam 4 comments
mylowk2 · 33 weeks ago
Shouldve got 500 bro
Bunch of b*tches doing this 4 comments
mylowk2 · 34 weeks ago
Gotta be oblivion
Never bring a knife to a tire fight 4 comments
mylowk2 · 34 weeks ago
And got domed by the staircase
Oh.. Ohhhhhh 37 comments
mylowk2 · 34 weeks ago
Yeah but then you're a dragon all the time and dragons cant make waffles sooo
Oh.. Ohhhhhh 37 comments
mylowk2 · 34 weeks ago
Flight all day
Safety 5 comments
mylowk2 · 36 weeks ago
I just say let me know you landed safe lol