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Modern Problem Require a Modern Solution 10 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 5 weeks ago
y'all know chickens can swim too right
Shrek 4 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 17 weeks ago
excuse you shrek is sexy as fuck
Just give the customer what they ordered and stop being an asshole 21 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 21 weeks ago
literally just give people what they ordered. who gives a shit if they're not allergic to it and they just want the diet. it literally doesn't affect you AT ALL to just give them the diet or the soy or whatever the asked for. that's just taking being an asshole to the next level
Big brain time 4 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 23 weeks ago
did they photoshop her forehead in the picture to be bigger so the doll looks more realistic?
1500 people in Mumbai came out in rain to form a 3km long human chain to protest the 2 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 23 weeks ago
but...wouldn't they just cut down the trees on the other side of the road?
Got 22 today 13 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 24 weeks ago
happy birthday!!!
Let's go 16 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 31 weeks ago
yeah it's not actually as bad as everyone thinks, you mostly just don't think about it, especially if you don't live in the country. fucking scary when a huntsman's in the bathroom or laundry though
The end is nigh 11 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 35 weeks ago
how dare you disrespect Jim Carrey like this
The art installation “Museum of the Moon” at a swimming pool in Italy 2 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 41 weeks ago
is that the pool from sherlock?????
"the brownies" 3 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 41 weeks ago
wow so just literally get someone fired over a couple fuckin brownies? real mature karen
Never felt 1 min so long 10 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 1 year ago
what is that?
"we only care when it affects us" 24 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 1 year ago
saudi arabia doesn't actually oppress women as much as people think. My mum works there and she is portfolio controls manager for one of the biggest construction companies in the middle east and she had no problem getting that because of her being a woman.
Real Bros are always happy for you 10 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 1 year ago
is it just me or does bucky look kind of sad when he's smiling to steve...
How we vision the world VS how other animals do 18 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 2 years ago
ok but if they knew sea turtles see one extra colour than us, how did they not know that mantis shrimp have ten more rods for recognising colour than us? like they probably see millions more colours than us but ok...
Childhood friends stay together 7 comments
namethatsnotbeenus · 2 years ago
those are different animals in the two pictures...