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Which one? Comment below 73 comments
nekomaster · 7 years ago
Free gas would turn you a profit for sure, I mean, so long as there isn't any limit on how much gas your allowed to take... I mean fuck a unlimited life time supply of gas would mean that you'd probably end up running the stations dry.
Don't Go Shopping On An Empty Stomach 3 comments
nekomaster · 7 years ago
Aisle 4 in my local stores is the canned food isle.... also never go grocery shopping while hungry AND high or drunk.... you'll die of starvation.
this could BEE a very bad situation indeed 10 comments
nekomaster · 7 years ago
I'm not allergic to bee's, but they will kill me... by causing me to freak the fuck out and run out of the car and probably off a bridge or into traffic.... I have run into traffic before to avoid a wasp.
This guy is invincible 14 comments
nekomaster · 7 years ago
Kill him then eat the babies :)