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Faker 1 comments
nitetom · 32 weeks ago
I can totally relate. Sometimes the balls get really itchy.
"American d*ldo" 22 comments
nitetom · 1 year ago
Fake! There's no way you can remember 2 sentences in foreign language you don't know and spell it so well (the biggest give away). It's like perfectly recalling a few names some time later in the correct order and knowing how to spell all of them.
medium 10 comments
nitetom · 2 years ago
That's why guys are ugly right
Being black is wonderful 4 comments
nitetom · 5 years ago
This isn't fair. If only us white people could disappear in the day, it would be awesome
Believe it or not, this is a single photo 12 comments
nitetom · 5 years ago
At least there's no panda here.
Depressed whale feels 31 comments
nitetom · 5 years ago
I made this 2 years ago... Can be funny! 270 comments
nitetom · 5 years ago
I raped a banana because it's normal. Well. okay...
P.s. Brace yourself petilia... For the flood of comment notifications lol
24 · Edited 5 years ago
It's one of those gifs you can hear 11 comments
nitetom · 5 years ago
Mine's more like *dnnggg, dnnggg dnnggg...*