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The media only lets you see certain things 5 comments
oreomania · 6 years ago
I believe this image is just wrong wrong wrong, this child was not a victim of "migration" his family and many many others are fleeing the terror of their own country they are not migrates they are refugees. Yes there is a difference. Sure the media only shows us what they want but this image of this child shook the whole world and we should never turn a blind eye to the many more images to come after it.
Good guy ramsay 6 comments
oreomania · 6 years ago
I think he does it cause the adults are fully trained chefs who should know better and he's so calm with kids cause that's all they are, kids, and he's got kids of his own. So yeah Gordon Ramsey is cool
This is how Denmark transport windmill "wings" 7 comments
oreomania · 6 years ago
It looks like a giant rollie to me
Potato is love, potato is life. 11 comments
oreomania · 6 years ago
Only in Ireland would you see a bus full of potatoes
Someone explain this 18 comments
oreomania · 7 years ago
Irish language. Sean is Irish.