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I want to drink it all... - children, probably 8 comments
peteguy777 · 1 week ago
Does his sweater say "juice" on it? for some reason that feels right...
Half a loaf is a balanced diet right? 7 comments
peteguy777 · 6 weeks ago
My wife truly believes that buttered toast is my favourite food... I have a hard time arguing that claim...
Season 8 in Short 5 comments
peteguy777 · 12 weeks ago
Even as someone who didn't mind the ending, I still very much agree this is accurate, haha
Russian yacht 8 comments
peteguy777 · 14 weeks ago
The only reason I came to the comments was to see if anyone else noticed that! haha
Time for a big boy bed 9 comments
peteguy777 · 16 weeks ago
Dad Save!
Experimental drugs could save the world 9 comments
peteguy777 · 16 weeks ago
Tomacco - The Simpson's foresaw this happening years ago!
All you had to do was not use plastic 7 comments
peteguy777 · 17 weeks ago
That's shitty... but on a bright note this got me to go buy my first Bamboo Brushes! (I'm gonna try The Green Root ones)
Winston shwartz 4 comments
peteguy777 · 17 weeks ago
I miss this show so much!
At least grandma always laugh 3 comments
peteguy777 · 17 weeks ago
So True! Even if she pretended to be shocked, you knew she wasn't... hahaha
Hexagonal Graph paper for organic chemistry 2 comments
peteguy777 · 17 weeks ago
That is beautiful!
The more you know 15 comments
peteguy777 · 18 weeks ago
Incorrect, if you're cleaning the thing she was gonna clean, instead of the thing you were supposed to clean, then Yes she will
As always 4 comments
peteguy777 · 23 weeks ago
Original Release or Extended Edition?
Bring it back 2 comments
peteguy777 · 24 weeks ago
100% Yes
I have seen tons of selfies, but none of them this cool! 1 comments
peteguy777 · 24 weeks ago
That water is SO clear! Well done!
Any FS love for this wee gem? 10 comments
peteguy777 · 26 weeks ago
I fucking love this...
ASs 4 comments
peteguy777 · 27 weeks ago
Can we also take a minute to appreciate the poster's username being Milfshake, fantastic! & yes, my 3 yr old can be an asshole! hahaha
Hershey's Chocolate-Like Substance 27 comments
peteguy777 · 30 weeks ago
Hershey's is garbage, plain & simple...
Just sayin', there are plenty more fish in the sea 13 comments
peteguy777 · 31 weeks ago
Is everyone just ignoring Snape in the background...?
Potentially the best actor you've never heard of... Doug Jones 7 comments
peteguy777 · 32 weeks ago
He's also Lieutenant / Commander Saru in Star Trek Discovery!
Advice from various marriage-therapist/relationship surveys/studies. See comments for 47 comments
peteguy777 · 32 weeks ago
Living Together & Being Married are pretty close to synonymous... just make sure you get a few years together before having kids.
In case you didn't know 4 comments
peteguy777 · 35 weeks ago
Another fun fact, the picture used in this meme about the Fellowship of the Ring is actually from the Two Towers :)
Truly the best way to bond 3 comments
peteguy777 · 35 weeks ago
Get two birds stoned at once!
Seize your moment 8 comments
peteguy777 · 36 weeks ago
Use your teeth to take the cap off, hold cap in mouth while applying, use teeth to put cap back on. People are so amazed & shocked that they don't notice your crippling addiction to chapstick making you any less masculine...
Shame 13 comments
peteguy777 · 42 weeks ago
It was banned across Europe years ago due to a dwindling population of said bird. I have heard that 1 or 2 countries still have 1 day a year where it is legal, but I don't know that for fact.
This empty bag of blood looks like a snowy mountain top 6 comments
peteguy777 · 51 weeks ago
That is so oddly beautiful, I love it!