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What song lyrics have you misheard? 9 comments
pewpawpow · 19 weeks ago
All my friends are eating steak and stew
Why d*ck is short for Richard 6 comments
pewpawpow · 20 weeks ago
How do Dick become a derogatory slang for penis?
Time is progress! 2 comments
pewpawpow · 21 weeks ago
How big is the interest? Or, are you owing more money because you are trying to pay for living?
Tricky 12 comments
pewpawpow · 24 weeks ago
Use soapy water.. spray soapy water to wet the surface, place the sticker, align it, use credit card to push away excess water, let it dry.
Is this the Krusty Krab? 4 comments
pewpawpow · 28 weeks ago
Honestly, it's the supervisor's fault for not properly introducing themselves in the first text. I would do the same too.
Yeah, first day at school 4 comments
pewpawpow · 33 weeks ago
She looks like young Amy Poehler on the first day of shooting Park and Rec as Leslie..
I don't know what to do with this information 4 comments
pewpawpow · 34 weeks ago
Time is not circular, time is linear
No more glory 43 comments
pewpawpow · 36 weeks ago
First they will aim to be #69, and then they will go for #420, and for sure they will try to go #666, and then here comes #69,420.. and so on..
Behold Shooter #69,666,420!!!
There is no winning here.
Too bad You're too weak to mate, mate 3 comments
pewpawpow · 39 weeks ago
Rape culture is strong with this one
Can't unsee this now 4 comments
pewpawpow · 42 weeks ago
To cover her 6 nipples
Learn baby learn... Disco Inferno! 3 comments
pewpawpow · 45 weeks ago
Disco Inferno is my new motto now
Win-win situation 6 comments
pewpawpow · 49 weeks ago
Plot twist, it's Zimbabwean dollars..
New asgard irl 4 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
Indonesian residents walk barefoot because they do not want to get new asphalt dirty 2 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
No, they never experience walk in a smooth asphalt without potholes
Liberate hong kong 6 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
FORHK, the sound effect you make when you stuff your food to to your mouth to fast, and you ended up deep throat your self with the fork
The nerve of things 2 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
Annoying Orange the returns
No personal info, no hate speech, no harassment 2 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
That's not how a pneumatic nail guns works
Suave 5 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
Scoobert Doo
2 am 1 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
Naughty Bomb?
A giant leatherback turtle coming up to lay her eggs 2 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
Did you not see Kamesenin there?
I hate when this happens 3 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
Wait, that really happened in the game?
hghg 4 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
Can ya'll just stay quiet and let stupid people die??? Like, PLEASE!!!
“Le Petit Cesár” 10 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
You don't deserve Sam
I never knew! 2 comments
pewpawpow · 1 year ago
My entire life is a lie