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Anxiety time 4 comments
phixius · 3 weeks ago
2020s got me stressing so hard, I don’t need practice - that’s “the new normal”
Banana 2 comments
phixius · 3 weeks ago
At first glance, the green thing in the top corner made it look like they had peeled the bird.
And soft drinks 5 comments
phixius · 5 weeks ago
And drugs. Don’t forget the drugs.
That good news you didn’t know you needed to hear 3 comments
phixius · 6 weeks ago
I’m glad she’s doing well. I think losing her would be the last straw... or a sign of the apocalypse....
Out of all the possibilities 12 comments
phixius · 7 weeks ago
Only when I’m already pissed off...
Whom hurt you? 1 comments
phixius · 8 weeks ago
Grad school causes tears. Someone finally found a way to fuel their research without having to pay for supplies.
The goodest boomer 5 comments
phixius · 8 weeks ago
When your kids bring home art for the fridge.
Round one of Chemotherapy starts today, wish me luck 21 comments
phixius · 11 weeks ago
You’ve got this. And as a cancer survivor myself, I’ll say this - attitude and laughter make the biggest difference. Fight this fight, you’ve got this.
Its a start 11 comments
phixius · 14 weeks ago
A day is a start. Then add another, and then another. You can’t do more than one at a time, so keep it up. You CAN do it. Well done on the start.
Fishy Fun Day #53: Storytime Edition 13 comments
phixius · 14 weeks ago
I was 8 and I hated it. It was a big tank, with a filter and everything, but my dad made me change the water every day, to “teach me responsibility”. Turns out 8 year olds aren’t that responsible. The fish were pretty. They were the ones with the fancy tails.