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It project manager 56 comments
pinballwzrd · 1 week ago
I’m a teacher. Call me crazy, but I love it!
The last of a generation 2 comments
pinballwzrd · 3 weeks ago
Oh boo hoo people don’t want to burn the shit out of their fingers and have an alternative now.
Congrats! (not me) 2 comments
pinballwzrd · 4 weeks ago
God I wish guys had the balls to do this. Girls really should too. Idk why we can’t all just do the thing. Anyway, hope you work up the courage! Or that your crush does! Best wishes!
You exist 3 comments
pinballwzrd · 7 weeks ago
Babe, I think it’s because in most cases having a period is a symptom of having a working uterus, which *somewhat* important to procreation. Are you a boy or do you live in Texas?
Ranma 1/2 is the shiet 6 comments
pinballwzrd · 7 weeks ago
But this is legitimately Sakura season in Japan. It breaks you. You give up.
WinZip works on humans too 5 comments
pinballwzrd · 8 weeks ago
My grandma just died a few weeks ago and was cremated, but this legit made me laugh for the first time in a few days. Thanks.
Now the story is public but is getting covered up by people wanting to impeach Trump 19 comments
pinballwzrd · 8 weeks ago
Claiming that either political party is responsible for covering it up is just a divisive tactic to keep us distracted by party lines instead of the base issue. The fact that people in both parties are implicated should be enough evidence of that. Direct your righteous anger at pedophiles and finding a way to free the truth, not at blaming the rival political group and moving on like you’ve accomplished something.
Nobody reads this 14 comments
pinballwzrd · 11 weeks ago
That’s it. That’s the country.
Enough already with the logic! Just accept Jesus! 29 comments
pinballwzrd · 11 weeks ago
Okay babes. Evil happens because we can make the choice to commit it. Followers of Jesus choose to follow his teachings, which means striving not to commit evil. Followers of Jesus are already using free will not to commit sins, and will continue to do so in Heaven because they already made that choice and they’re the ones going to heaven.
Gonna be honest fam 1 comments
pinballwzrd · 13 weeks ago
This is it. The meme that encompasses the truth of my life.
Nothing here. (91284930) 50 comments
pinballwzrd · 14 weeks ago
Prayed to dragon man to fix my vampirism.
Hurts to know that I'm the bottom left type of Asian 3 comments
pinballwzrd · 19 weeks ago
And the "Constantly in a suit, even outside of work."
It's not even a fan made game either. This is genuinely the most anticipated game. Insane. 7 comments
pinballwzrd · 20 weeks ago
In the universe posited by Wreck-it Ralph, would Super Smash Bros. be the equivalent of bum fights?
Meaning of your birthday in japanese, mine is Sky Tears and I kinda like rain what's 37 comments
pinballwzrd · 21 weeks ago
Signpost Forest. Sounds like an indie band
Saw this all over FB. Let the discussion begin 98 comments
pinballwzrd · 23 weeks ago
Edgelord? He’s a freaking Edge Duke at this point.
The Helipad ! 20 comments
pinballwzrd · 24 weeks ago
Mullet monk
Ain't nothing going on but the rent 12 comments
pinballwzrd · 24 weeks ago
Imagine knowing a guy who doesn’t put an unnecessary comma in a four word sentence.
Any good books? 26 comments
pinballwzrd · 28 weeks ago
Stephen King is great! If you’re not into the big baddies and supernatural stuff, I’d recommend The Long Walk.
If you’re like me and prefer the human monster, Misery is another great title.
11/22/63 is also super! Time travel/love/mystery.
The Shining is a masterpiece IMO.
But pick up King and you’ll keep picking his work up.
Oh julius 4 comments
pinballwzrd · 39 weeks ago
Nero in the sub-zero?
What's your sick movie? 5 comments
pinballwzrd · 43 weeks ago
I got mono when I was a kid too! My mom couldn’t skip work, so she asked me what she could do to make me feel better while she was gone. I told her I wanted the “Other Mary Poppins.”
I’d seen The Sound of Music in the video rental store and didn’t know what it was. She rented it for the entire month and a half I was sick. I must’ve watched it at least once every day, mostly due to the fact that I didn’t have enough energy to leave the room to get anything else. But it grew on me.
I had surgery once and when I woke up, my mom was sitting there with a copy of The Sound of Music on DVD.
Mt. Fuji, japan (s.Hashimuki) 1 comments
pinballwzrd · 44 weeks ago
I’m going to this spot in three weeks!
The struggle is real 6 comments
pinballwzrd · 1 year ago
99 “precent” sure?
Time to move to a new school 1 comments
pinballwzrd · 1 year ago
Someone’s not a sexy boy :(
I’m so bad at confrontation 11 comments
pinballwzrd · 1 year ago
I love seeing people get excited about history trivia! Keep up the good work darlings!
Pure savage 4 comments
pinballwzrd · 1 year ago
A hero