A girl with many fandoms based in Gilbert, Arizona. That one commenter who's excited about Mulan posts? That's me.
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This was me after shortly falling in love with Alec Hardy
Woooooo Second to last day of school for me! (but I have my chem final and I want to die.)
I love the newest companion
#ThanksgivingClapBack 15/15 (Thanksgiving is over, and sadly so are the memes.)
#ThanksgivingClapBack 14/?
#ThanksgivingClapBack 12/?
#ThanksgivingClapBack Part 4/? (Anyone doing anything exciting for thanksgiving?)
#ThanksgivingClapBack Part 3/?
#ThanksGivingClapBack (I'm gonna post these until Black Friday,) 2/?
#ThanksGivingClapBack is back! Two More Days Til Thankgiving! Part 1/?