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My corgson Norbert’s first birthday 3 comments
ryunojoou · 2 weeks ago
Please give Norbert a hug for me!
René catgritte 6 comments
ryunojoou · 2 weeks ago
Non, tu es un chat
Curly for the $DOGE 3 comments
ryunojoou · 3 weeks ago
I can't recommend "Curly: An Illustrated Biography of the Superstooge" by Moe's daughter Joan enough. A wonderful book that gives you a look into Curly's life by his own niece.
Bullies don't exist in a vacuum 5 comments
ryunojoou · 10 weeks ago
He didn't care, until Rudolph's uniqueness was useful to him. Haven't you seen that dumb claymation cartoon?
I Knew It 5 comments
ryunojoou · 10 weeks ago
I still haven't finished it but someday when I have time...
I Knew It 5 comments
ryunojoou · 10 weeks ago
That kid was always lying. Forgot his name tho.
Womxn 14 comments
ryunojoou · 13 weeks ago
Look at that view! I'll take it! (I'm a woman and all I need is a comfy seat and video games)
Finished up this African Blackwood & lavender opal ring today 2 comments
ryunojoou · 17 weeks ago
This is gorgeous, I'd love a ring like this!
After being drunk for almost 6 yrs and drinking for almost 20, it's time to start a new 9 comments
ryunojoou · 17 weeks ago
Keep going! You've got this! <3
never forget this 3 comments
ryunojoou · 19 weeks ago
And never forget to credit the artist, Kate Beaton.
I crocheted with wire to make this moonstone bracelet 3 comments
ryunojoou · 23 weeks ago
That's beautiful!!
My pup sat on my lap for the entire 6 hour drive home after not seeing me since January 3 comments
ryunojoou · 24 weeks ago
My boss has an Aussie and they're the sweetest dogs!
So let it be written, so let it be done 6 comments
ryunojoou · 25 weeks ago
Nice Metallica ref op
Let her wear what she wants idgaf 7 comments
ryunojoou · 34 weeks ago
Maybe she likes it, damn
My lovely wife and I on our wedding day March 14, 2020 7 comments
ryunojoou · 35 weeks ago
I wish you all the best!!
Vantablack Paint Job on BMW X6 5 comments
ryunojoou · 39 weeks ago
if that's true then I hope it's Anish Kapoor's car
A brilliant mind, enjoying a brilliant life 3 comments
ryunojoou · 42 weeks ago
is that Tourette's Guy?
A drug dealer never consumes 1 comments
ryunojoou · 43 weeks ago
Who cares what James wears as long as he's still singing and playing as awesomely as always?
Wot 5 comments
ryunojoou · 44 weeks ago
They're Alfiq <3
Truthy title 8 comments
ryunojoou · 49 weeks ago
Press F to pay your respects 22 comments
ryunojoou · 50 weeks ago
F - all dogs go to heaven.
A manly smell 11 comments
ryunojoou · 51 weeks ago
no the campfire/whiskey lotion
A manly smell 11 comments
ryunojoou · 51 weeks ago
I have the lotion and it smells amazing!
Wow u must be fun to be around 7 comments
ryunojoou · 1 year ago
my bad I didn't see the sausage