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Who wore it better? 1 comments
sambam · 3 weeks ago
The one on the right, duh what kind of question is that
It is what it is get over it! 5 comments
sambam · 9 weeks ago
The background tho...
My great grandmother turned 105 today! 5 comments
sambam · 15 weeks ago
She looks maybe 90
Yeah, we propagate 1 comments
sambam · 19 weeks ago
Why does his wife look like a 12 year old when she laughs ????
This dog looks like Steve Carell 1 comments
sambam · 19 weeks ago
I thought that was the dog that looked like Bob Ross. Which one is he? He can only be one, not both
Who did it better ? 3 comments
sambam · 22 weeks ago
A obviously
Best thing I ever bought at a farmers market 1 comments
sambam · 23 weeks ago
My mom has a shirt that says that