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Doodle and a poem
Saying sorry by drawing my bf as a warrior cause I f*cked up, pt2
Drawing my bf as a warrior to say sorry because I f*cked up big time.. how're y'all doing?
Engraved a bone I found on the beach. Also, you're looking beautiful. Yes you
Artsubstance? More like feelsubstance...
Feel like utter shit but hey, it gets better [midnight scribble drawing by yours truly]
Not safe for work
Thought I'd share some Artsubstance with y'all. Hope you guys are having a great day!
Guess who dyed their hair blue?! Btw I think you're awesome and damn do you look good, OP!
Huh, I'm not a bad Flynn... also, your eyes are beautiful! [yes you, reading this]