Cool ass shipping crate house 17 comments
saw · 3 years ago
I wonder how long it can last
It just reminded them how shitty their lives were 11 comments
saw · 4 years ago
In such a case it's very likely that it's causal since all other variables are kept constant and any external events would have been cancelled out by time. Sure, maybe something happened out there like a company closing down causing a chain reaction. But such things happening exactly at the same time lasting indefinitely. Unlikely. It's wiser to assume causation and learn from the event and make the necessary changes. It would be irresponsible to use correlation as an excuse.
Woah woah woah 14 comments
saw · 5 years ago
You need to squint to see it
I am just going to put this here. Take it all in. Bask. 8 comments
saw · 5 years ago
Your gas is right
Flirting Mathematically 9 comments
saw · 6 years ago
U + I = infinity.
Because you and I go on forever.
This Is the World's Toughest Job, and Billions Are Already Doing It 10 comments
saw · 7 years ago
A must watch!!
Twenty-four applicants who applied for the world's toughest job could not believe their ears: 24/7 work, no rest, no breaks, no vacation — and it pays absolutely nothing.
"365 days a year? No...that's inhumane," said one applicant.
Ask FunSubstance a Question 542 comments
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According to FunSubstance: "We're testing a new feature based on feedback where users can discover and buy cool products while on FunSubstance. For now only we can create such posts."
A friend asked how many times I get on FunSubstance daily 15 comments
saw · 8 years ago
Just use the forget password link to reset your password