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Baltimore has it's head on right 36 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 39 weeks ago
I totally read it as medication at first...
DragonLord: The pig who thinks he's a cat (FeelGoodSubstance) 4 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 39 weeks ago
Pigs can be trained to use a litter box. Mine is A LOT bigger so she can't use one. She snorts & butts her head against the back door when she has to potty. Pigs are amazing pets/ family members
The Rubber Duck Store, Amsterdam. Yup, that's really a thing 7 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 40 weeks ago
There's one out here in Granby,CO too & it's amazing!
I70 West outside of Denver Colorado 5 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 41 weeks ago
I love living here!
Classic shmosby 1 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 44 weeks ago
Ugh vegans... I don't care if you are or aren't but don't try to make me feel guilty for eating meat, as God intended, hence the reason humans have K9 teeth. Also please DON'T try tricking me with that non-meat meat crap. Obviously your body wants meat too since you're having to fool it with "tofu steak" or whatever else you people eat. At least when the apocalypse comes & we're forced into cannibalism, vegans will be the first to go HAHA ;)
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Restin Bed Face! - Waking up before the alarm 4 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 44 weeks ago
I never actually thought about it but it definitely makes sense! My question though, is why does it always feel like I get the deepest sleep in the 10-15min before my alarm goes off?
#9 weekly science alert 11 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 44 weeks ago
Japan- just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD
Send me your best ernie and bert memes 4 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 44 weeks ago
Next step is to find out why everyone is so sensitive. Seriously though, we were raised watching The Simpsons, Friends, & Beverly Hills 90210 & listening to Green Day, The Offspring, Nirvana. When TF did people become so offended by everything? Sorry for the little rant...
This sign shouldn't have to exist 110 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 47 weeks ago
I know I'm a bit late to the party but I live in Colorado & travel in & out of state frequently for work & this billboard is not posted anywhere!
"the man!" 4 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 49 weeks ago
Ooohhh!!! Barracuda!!! I hope I'm not the only one thinking of this song
Blockbuster 5 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 50 weeks ago
We still have Radio Shack in Colorado
Well, that's one way to park your car . 7 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 51 weeks ago
You can actually see one of his shoes fly out of the sunroof too & land to the left of him
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Surprised white deer 9 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
That must've been one heck of a sneeze! ;)
For All Those Anti-Vaccine People... Here's A Little Science 17 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
Most of these idiots are alive bc their parents were smart enough to vax them. Unfortunately, they're reproducing & their poor children are gonna die from a disease that could've been prevented. It's sickening. These people say "my kids will thank me one day for not getting them vaccinated". Sadly, that day won't come bc little Suzie & little Johnny will have died from the measles long before then.
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Sneak Peek at New Sonic the Hedgehog film (2019) 4 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
He looks like he's an angry Papa Smurf!
Bullseye 2 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
Am I the only one that noticed the bucket of ice/ soda is on the other side of her when she gets hit with the ball?
Interesting 10 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
Seriously?? Essentially, she thought breastfeeding was some kind of contraceptive... & these morons are reproducing?! I worry about the future
Woman goes out in mini skirt in -40c, gets frostbite 26 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
How did she not do something before it got so bad? Did she not realize her legs were literally freezing?? I REALLY hope she doesn't reproduce
I pledge allegiance to that ass 9 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
Why is there a girl in the men's locker room?
Wouldn't it? 14 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
Check out the Adam Ruins Everything episode about marriage & diamonds. He breaks down how DeBeers has the monopoly on diamonds. It's VERY interesting
Forensics class fingerprinted a balloon and then inflated it for a lab 12 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
Great argument! I feel the need to point out that DNA has limitations too but that's based solely on the fact that we have not yet created a database to log the DNA of every person in the world. Most of the time when DNA "matches" are made, it's bc the government already has a sample of DNA from a repeat offender. If it's the criminal's first offense, they won't be in the database. Check out this article explaining why DNA tests aren't 100% foolproof
Just an idea 7 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
The WORST part about college texts is how u can almost never resell them bc the new version already came out &it's only new bc they change 2017 to 2018 & add another sentence. Such BS! I worked at one & it was sooo sad having to charge people $300+for something the professor references once or twice in class. The worst is when the professor writes it so you have to buy it. Tuition is soo freaking expensive, why can't the books be free?
Tough luck America 15 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
F*ck the US medical system! I was unable to work bc of a degenerative disc disease in my back & when it got worse & the disc had fully degraded, i couldn't move. I had emergency surgery. Obviously, I still couldn't work but they expected me to pay somehow. 2yrs later when i found a job I could do in my condition, they garnished my wages so much that i lost everything & had to move across town to live w my parents. Thank God for my folks!
Brazilian female referee 6 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
Why is she the only one in a wet tshirt?
I finally completed my research and will be published as a scientist!! 15 comments
scoobydoobydoo84 · 1 year ago
No wedding ring. I see... ;)