Just a guy who enjoys a good meme. Also a casual gamer and an obsessive card enthusiast.

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Coronavirus *enters my body* The flinstones Vitamins I ate 20yrs Ago: 1 comments
shadowblad3s · 8 weeks ago
I can smell this picture
Sister Mary Kenneth Keller the first woman to earn a doctorate in computer science in the 3 comments
shadowblad3s · 28 weeks ago
I can't stop seeing her head looking like patrick star
Reality is crucial 4 comments
shadowblad3s · 31 weeks ago
Don't listen to that bs, y'all are beautiful people
Dads amirite 3 comments
shadowblad3s · 33 weeks ago
Dang, you don't have to call me out like that
Because that's what heroes do 9 comments
shadowblad3s · 40 weeks ago
"The crucible beckons guardian!"
The murdering will continue 9 comments
shadowblad3s · 40 weeks ago
Please tell me that pun was intended
I've been lied to 12 comments
shadowblad3s · 1 year ago
Its all fun and games until you end up with blue socks...