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Since everybody is into fantasy series nowadays. Who members these two? 6 comments
silverspud · 2 days ago
My childhood :)
Thank you!
Lucas made more money from Star Wars merchandise then the movies themselves 3 comments
silverspud · 7 weeks ago
That's why I can't get my yogurt plush that talks? Damn you, Lucas.
I am this old 7 comments
silverspud · 8 weeks ago
I can't count how many days I spent looking for those damn leaves.
A family finds their missing dog while going to adopt a cat 3 comments
silverspud · 9 weeks ago
That guy legit looks like Robin Williams
He is not holding anything, you are delusional 6 comments
silverspud · 10 weeks ago
I'm not gonna lie, it took me way too long to realize who he was.
Anyone in the area able to make it? 6 comments
silverspud · 19 weeks ago
2000+ people showed up for it
This pathetic excuse for THOT behavior 10 comments
silverspud · 20 weeks ago
Getting there. Thank you.
I'm not very good yet but I'm trying to make some art! 6 comments
silverspud · 20 weeks ago
I will call going squishy and he will be mine
This pathetic excuse for THOT behavior 10 comments
silverspud · 20 weeks ago
Huh, maybe my mum should have told my dad that's why she was having the affair. Might have stopped the divorce.
Dont wake them up 13 comments
silverspud · 22 weeks ago
As an American, I use this form. It makes more sense to me.
Boss called me during my grandfather funeral to work, even after telling her where I was 6 comments
silverspud · 26 weeks ago
I was at work when I found out my grandma passed. She told me if I couldn't stop crying, I needed to clock out and use my breaks. She then asked if I really needed to use all of my allotted bereavement time when I told her when the funeral was.
It's like nothing ever happened 11 comments
silverspud · 27 weeks ago
Except the journalist that reported was killed in a bombing
I like the pet idea 5 comments
silverspud · 28 weeks ago
I'm not sure. Her mom was an escape artist from my understanding and had the habit of coming back full of puppers. I always say she's a shih tzu blend
I like the pet idea 5 comments
silverspud · 28 weeks ago
It has been raining for 5 days straight here! Nonstop! 4 comments
silverspud · 28 weeks ago
I nanny a four year old. He did this the other day when it was raining for a week straight. Broke his heart that it didn't stop.
And when you're in a different city and the store is not the same, MADNESS!!! 6 comments
silverspud · 28 weeks ago
I feel slightly offended . . . And so very old. Way to hit the nail on the head. I'm going to go cry to the other wife about it now.
Haven't seen a meme with this yet. Do with it what you will 9 comments
silverspud · 33 weeks ago
Your face when your ex-colony actually elected Trump
Alternative ending 6 comments
silverspud · 37 weeks ago
The feels
Purple thinkable Dove 34 comments
silverspud · 45 weeks ago
Now I'm crying. Must go hug my furbaby.
Thanks Lorax your wisdom is unrivaled 4 comments
silverspud · 48 weeks ago
Such an insult to the word gay
Two types of gamers 12 comments
silverspud · 50 weeks ago
The second one: Me last night replaying skyrim
Love hurts 1 comments
silverspud · 51 weeks ago
I'm not gonna lie. I laughed way too hard at this one.
Firefairy1990 your goober looks like his twin 5 comments
silverspud · 1 year ago
He returns all your lovely kisses with big ol kisses of his own.
Local for sale ad 11 comments
silverspud · 1 year ago
We are wondering the same thing. I went to check to see if it was still up for sale. I think it actually sold.