Hi to whoever checks these profiles out xD!
"We all have that one friend we can honestly see in jail one day" - Seriously, think about it. xD

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Nominee for most bad ass man in the world 10 comments
souris · 4 years ago
Woah, that's epic! If my search was correct, his name was Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart and he was a Lieutenant General in the British army.
I've been enjoying these soldier related posts lately. My brother will be leaving for the military soon so this gives us something to talk about. I know this wasn't posted for me but I feel very grateful! Thank you! x
Ape taking care of a baby leopard 7 comments
souris · 5 years ago
I could be wrong but that looks more like a mountain lion cub to me. o.o
Let's be honest here... 30 comments
souris · 6 years ago
So basically, as a woman, I should feel disrespected by a shirt because there are women on it...? I don't understand how you're not flattered by it. Women are sexy; that's what I get from it. You're the one choosing to hate cause there's NOTHING wrong with it. You know what? Some of you feminists are really pushing it. There are some legit causes worth complaining about - why don't you focus on those rather than bullying a man over his clothes! IT'S INTIMIDATION! You make me ashamed to be a woman!
Why the internet is full of cats 9 comments
souris · 6 years ago
I'm sure I'm not the only person who goes outside with my cats. They're on a leash, too. Either way, I don't see how this would be offensive seeing as the Internet is amazing! :3
Don't flatter yourself 7 comments
souris · 6 years ago
Some men like smaller breasts, though. o.o
Damn Commies need to know their place! Only we get to pick on Canada 21 comments
souris · 6 years ago
You mean the soldier who was killed in a "hit-and-run" in Quebec, right?
Die a rapper 5 comments
souris · 6 years ago
Rest in Peace, Tupac, Biggie and Eazy-E <3
Fat joke is here 19 comments
souris · 6 years ago
Good point! Maybe going by the BMI of an individual would work best.
How to switch off a cat 18 comments
souris · 6 years ago
I thought this might interest you if you haven't seen it yet:
> "Researchers determined that the clipping technique, dubbed "clipnosis" or pinch-induced behavioral inhibition, relaxes most cats as long as the clips are placed before a cat has a chance to become too agitated or upset."
> "In the study, 30 of 31 cats responded positively the first time clips were placed on the scruff of their neck."
> ""Cats generally seemed more content, sometimes even purring, and less fearful during veterinary procedures when clips were used instead of restraint by some other means," Buffington said."
I'm not sure if we're allowed to paste links on here >.< I'm pretty positive that if you copy/paste one of the phrases into the google search bar, the article will come up though!
Time we get you your own bed 2 comments
souris · 6 years ago
I thought the dog was a seal, at first xD
Squirrels being squirrels 7 comments
souris · 6 years ago
Is the first one a Vampire Squirrel?
'Murican Cheetos 3 comments
souris · 6 years ago
I know this is an old picture but where did you see those? I've just live chatted with the company and they said they don't exist ;.;
Sweet Jesus, I would die. 14 comments
souris · 6 years ago
I think it could be a giant walking stick insect :3
Running around like... 15 comments
souris · 6 years ago
Do you guys think he was in pain...? ):
Fish? Give me my banana 6 comments
souris · 6 years ago
He's so adorable :3 !