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My dad just found these WW1 pins, medals, and patches in my great grandfather’s items 5 comments
superbee · 1 week ago
Caduceus is a symbol with a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wing. It’s upside down, too.
Some of the Vietnam M16 rifles were made by the toy company Mattel 19 comments
superbee · 12 weeks ago
Nope. The handgrip of the M16 rifle was made by Mattel. When the gun was first introduced in Vietnam, it was notoriously unreliable. Soldiers noticed the toy company’s logo embossed on the handgrip and complained, "the rifle must be built by Mattel". Later shipments arrived without the imprint, but the grips were still manufactured by Mattel. See Snopes for the skinny.
The Mad Gent takes a nap 6 comments
superbee · 22 weeks ago
It’s pronounced “ Narcolepsy“
Feel like utter shit but hey, it gets better [midnight scribble drawing by yours truly] 9 comments
superbee · 40 weeks ago
I thought it was a Jesus-like appearance of body hair in the drain.
X-Ray of a Human Swallowing 6 comments
superbee · 1 year ago
Barium. That’s a video esophagram looking for dysphasia, or a swallowing disorder. If any liquid (barium) goes into the lungs, even trace amounts, it can lead to aspiration pneumonia. In the sick or elderly it can be serious; like dirt nap serious.
Maybe just one chip 6 comments
superbee · 3 years ago
Maybe just one chip 6 comments
superbee · 3 years ago
Who is this artist or the name of the cartoon?