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Cunning 2 comments
supermappy · 1 week ago
Just torpedo the sign. Problem solved.
Absentia 4 comments
supermappy · 2 weeks ago
Why is this hidden?
War time 9 comments
supermappy · 2 weeks ago
Give it time, the drinking age will be increased to 25. Mark my words!
Keep your friendships people :/ 1 comments
supermappy · 3 weeks ago
Yes. I usually sign off from games and chats saying "ttfn". There will be a time when I say it that will actually be the last time.
What a p*do. 7 comments
supermappy · 3 weeks ago
The only thing this proves is never trust your friends!
A wholesome apology for past wrongdoings shows self reflection and growth 2 comments
supermappy · 3 weeks ago
Judy's eyes are so large they must take up about 75% of her head on the inside.
F u Anakin 7 comments
supermappy · 5 weeks ago
Thank you, I needed that laugh!
Breakfast at home 3 comments
supermappy · 7 weeks ago
Can I come over for breakfast, please?
Peasant 1 comments
supermappy · 8 weeks ago
Target is no stinking better than Wal-Mart. Same idiots shop at both places.
Wii players>>> 2 comments
supermappy · 9 weeks ago
This is fine 5 comments
supermappy · 10 weeks ago
Washington needs a giant meteor to land on it
Y we need all of us 2 comments
supermappy · 16 weeks ago
Can this meme die please?
Don't do this to me Disney 3 comments
supermappy · 21 weeks ago
R.I.P. original content and ideas.
What do you do when people sing at you? 13 comments
supermappy · 25 weeks ago
appreciate it you little cunts
A woman can teach, conditionally, circa 1923 11 comments
supermappy · 26 weeks ago
Ice Cream Parlors? Damn dairy queen ruining the fabric of society!
I bet I'm not the only one 5 comments
supermappy · 30 weeks ago
There's people out there, I should stay at home!
Hell's kitchen 7 comments
supermappy · 31 weeks ago
Pineapple, on pizza, is better when it is very small pieces and not the huge chunks some places use.
Using an air horn to scare this guy into dropping his phone 10 comments
supermappy · 31 weeks ago
I love that moment when he turns around, looks and probably thinks: "Are you my friend? No, Are you a cop? No, Are you bigger then me? No, Could I pick you up and throw you off the bridge? Yes!" and over he goes!
4th July 2 comments
supermappy · 32 weeks ago
Don't worry, just stay on your side of the Atlantic ocean and everything should be just fine.
Always turn out great in the end! 2 comments
supermappy · 32 weeks ago
HAha, guys are idiots humor, ftw!!
The kid had a Spider-Man themed funeral as well 14 comments
supermappy · 32 weeks ago
Disney also ask people, that visit their parks and look like Santa Clause, to leave immediately.
They also forced a day care center to remove likeness of their beloved characters from the interior walls.
Mickey Mouse is evil!
On class and wealth 7 comments
supermappy · 38 weeks ago
I used to deliver pizza all the time and the poorer a person was the better they would usually tip. Which explains why churches never tipper me, the cheap gits.
An actual depiction of black friday in the America 3 comments
supermappy · 42 weeks ago
Accurate minus the screaming and the shouting.
Behold The Mighty Predator (sfw pet post) 36 comments
supermappy · 45 weeks ago
Sneaky Snake!
When morning attacks 2 comments
supermappy · 1 year ago
This moment almost made me drop my controller.