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Cool stairs are cool. 5 comments
syphilis · 6 years ago
My thoughts exactly ;-;
How would you like this new kind of tub! 32 comments
syphilis · 6 years ago
Ohmygod yes
Natural order 24 comments
syphilis · 6 years ago
*mocking voice*
"ohmygod things that eat meat to survive are eating meat to survive"
"lets just kill all those things by not letting them eat meat and establish a new vegan world order"
A rare moment in nature 9 comments
syphilis · 6 years ago
Personally, I hate it when people try to make nature a sweet, innocent thing or when they're horrified by an animal killing and eating another, saying they're "cold-blooded killers." It's true, this is nature and we can't all pretend every carnivorous animal doesn't eat to survive. Its just the reality of things.
For those people who want to go to mars, this is how it really is 18 comments
syphilis · 6 years ago
I want to walk on a planet that is bathed in the light of another star. I would do ANYTHING to go anywhere else in this solar system, and others! Just being in space would be amazing. I cant believe anyone wouldn't want to be out of Earrh's atmosphere, even if the conditions are like the ones listed above. Besides, with the right training and modern equipment, many of these hazards can be prevented.
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Couldn't have said it better myself. 29 comments
syphilis · 6 years ago
I have to say, I love Audrey more than Marilyn(Anyone seen "How to Steal a Million" or "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?) though I wouldn't agree with the description on Marilyn. Both actors have their own talents and their own ups and downs.
This pup 7 comments
syphilis · 6 years ago
I first saw this amazingly cute picture on sc Slayerage's twitch channel. I remember he had a link to the site or person that took more pics with these huskies, but I can't remember. . .