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Thank you for your service, Dan the man 7 comments
tempest72 · 1 year ago
They are being paid to maintain a taxable entity.
I was promised trash tv real life! 6 comments
tempest72 · 1 year ago
That's because the violent extremists won.
AOC pays their taxes, allegedly 31 comments
tempest72 · 1 year ago
Trump has not received an income for the four years that he has been president. He also transferred control of his company over to his children. Any remaining property that he owes taxes on can be offset by donations and other forms of tax breaks. Is it outrageous that a billionaire only paid a couple hundred bucks in taxes, yes. But the problem lies in the tax laws and the common person's ability to research and understand them.
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Love this game 8 comments
tempest72 · 1 year ago
Banished is a good game.
Boosting post 21 comments
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Sadly your statement does not make this meme any less accurate.
I didn't know what to do with this information, so I thought I'd share 8 comments
tempest72 · 2 years ago
This is literally on of the most natural things there is and vegans won't eat it. The only thing natural about vegans is how unnatural their life style is.