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chump 3 comments
themasssnipe · 1 week ago
Theres a priest hats's fasted for over a year under medical supervision
Go ahead and take your seat, Isaac 3 comments
themasssnipe · 1 week ago
It means he was smart enough to go to a school he could afford, rather than stacking up debt unnecessarily. Far as I know, RBC is a private school.
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Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali 5 comments
themasssnipe · 4 weeks ago
Anyone that says Bruce Lee would have a chance over Ali in a real fight is delusional. Ali has a hundred pounds on Bruce Lee. Boxing is an exceptionally good form of striking, that only lacks the use of kicks, knees, and elbows. Ali would easily knock out, if not kill Bruce Lee in a real fight.
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And that's the molten salt reactors we are talking about. Not the 1 Gen old 22 comments
themasssnipe · 4 weeks ago
Its only not as profitable due to government subsidies and taxes. In terms of normalized profit, its pretty close to natural gas, and blows solar and wind out the water.
Life of every student 7 comments
themasssnipe · 8 weeks ago
They always forget linear and differencial eq. I'm pretty sure most engineering majors have to use calculus.
"How many smiles did you fake today?" 3 comments
themasssnipe · 9 weeks ago
those are intakes for the radiator amd intercooler
It just works 3 comments
themasssnipe · 9 weeks ago
More drag, more slow
You can only get away with that in the Florida panhandle 1 comments
themasssnipe · 10 weeks ago
Thats becuase stastically the number of capible terrorist that are kept out if the country is very high. Many of these terrorists have the capacity to create more mayham than home grown ones.
Benny needs to take a hint 3 comments
themasssnipe · 12 weeks ago
That AOC cringe
Typical 2 comments
themasssnipe · 13 weeks ago
Most high schoolers could work for big tech companies. If you want a hard job in CS go work in a performant field, such as anything related to graphics.
It's the Judo way 1 comments
themasssnipe · 17 weeks ago
thats not judo, thats Brazilian jujitsu. Judo is a subset of the original jujitsu, where as BJJ is a heavily modified version of jujitsu created by the Gracie family(name in the back).
Maths for life! 2 comments
themasssnipe · 17 weeks ago
guess you wasted you time and money in college then. I use calculus all the time.
High heels were originally worn by men 2 comments
themasssnipe · 19 weeks ago
That was a dumb was to end that... While hippos may be faster than humans, humans have significantly more endurance.
I feel attacked 1 comments
themasssnipe · 21 weeks ago
A pack of pedophiles is why Jeffrey Epstein didnt commit suicide
Anon dates a girl 4 comments
themasssnipe · 21 weeks ago
Bruh you skippin leg day then. Legs can easily be half your body mass. The center of mass for an average human is their naval, which is only a few inches from their waist. If she did track or worked out then she could easily have half her mass in her legs.
Airborne Infantry Land in Normandy (June 6th, 1944) 4 comments
themasssnipe · 21 weeks ago
Dont forget that Canadian wolves are the biggest bread of wolf. The males can grow to be over 200 pounds.
Suwoo 2 comments
themasssnipe · 22 weeks ago
Simo Hayha: *heavily breathing*
Nobody reads this 8 comments
themasssnipe · 23 weeks ago
Trait neuroticism
What in the Shire is this? 3 comments
themasssnipe · 25 weeks ago
Sensodyne is what real toothpaste should be. Zero fucks about fruity flavor or colors. Its all about preventing cavities, fixing enamel, and helping with tooth sensitivity.
Here's a simple explanation for the equal pay debate 23 comments
themasssnipe · 29 weeks ago
I don't want to be that guy, but several womans national team have tried playing against mens teams. They got completely destroy by local club team, some of which were u16. This includes the champion US womens national team. Also woman are allowed to play in Men's soccer but aren't able to make it through the tryouts.
Also there's this think called a free market. It's crazy how it work. Basically, people buy and watch the things they want. No one wants to watch people play soccer at the level of a local club team.
Yess bosss 3 comments
themasssnipe · 32 weeks ago
Boss, I hab a cancer.
Nice work 10 comments
themasssnipe · 34 weeks ago
So basically he didnt actually invent anything. Also there are a lot of pollutants in the air in most cities, so that system wouldnt create drinkable water everywhere.
Wholesome bamboozle 4 comments
themasssnipe · 36 weeks ago
Pen v Mimms
I know you're singing it 5 comments
themasssnipe · 37 weeks ago
Theres nothing "workout smootie" about that. Thats like 400 calories of pure simple sugar(100g). Gonna have to immediately start running 3 miles to keep it from turning into fat.
When nerds text-fight 3 comments
themasssnipe · 37 weeks ago
I can assure you the + C is very important