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What in the Shire is this? 3 comments
themasssnipe · 4 days ago
Sensodyne is what real toothpaste should be. Zero fucks about fruity flavor or colors. Its all about preventing cavities, fixing enamel, and helping with tooth sensitivity.
Here's a simple explanation for the equal pay debate 23 comments
themasssnipe · 5 weeks ago
I don't want to be that guy, but several womans national team have tried playing against mens teams. They got completely destroy by local club team, some of which were u16. This includes the champion US womens national team. Also woman are allowed to play in Men's soccer but aren't able to make it through the tryouts.
Also there's this think called a free market. It's crazy how it work. Basically, people buy and watch the things they want. No one wants to watch people play soccer at the level of a local club team.
Yess bosss 3 comments
themasssnipe · 8 weeks ago
Boss, I hab a cancer.
Nice work 10 comments
themasssnipe · 9 weeks ago
So basically he didnt actually invent anything. Also there are a lot of pollutants in the air in most cities, so that system wouldnt create drinkable water everywhere.
Wholesome bamboozle 4 comments
themasssnipe · 11 weeks ago
Pen v Mimms
I know you're singing it 5 comments
themasssnipe · 12 weeks ago
Theres nothing "workout smootie" about that. Thats like 400 calories of pure simple sugar(100g). Gonna have to immediately start running 3 miles to keep it from turning into fat.
When nerds text-fight 3 comments
themasssnipe · 13 weeks ago
I can assure you the + C is very important
Yes dear sir... You will 17 comments
themasssnipe · 13 weeks ago
Ansem the Wise
Sweet boy 2 comments
themasssnipe · 14 weeks ago
Cute little Vizsla
Twitter screenshot is not a meme 6 comments
themasssnipe · 16 weeks ago
Considering most of them dont get absorbed by your intestines, I'm not sure you want to inject those ingredients into your blood stream.
"the plugs" 2 comments
themasssnipe · 18 weeks ago
Dont ignore them as they could get more expensive if you dont do anything
I like Dr. Pepper 10 comments
themasssnipe · 18 weeks ago
Dynamic Programing
Sweet home alabama 3 comments
themasssnipe · 19 weeks ago
California is just barely got out of 49th. Its definetly not a southern thing
title 12 comments
themasssnipe · 23 weeks ago
The government is not gonna baby your finicial decisions. You could potential make thousands of dollars off a loan if you know how invest, or you could go into debt. In the case of college, you're investing in yourself, and if you were a bad investment then thats your problem. Drinking, on the other hand, is guaranteed to ruin your brain chemistry permanently if you get drunk before your brains had a chance to develope. tl;dr the government is there to prevent you from hurting yourself and others, not to stop you from making bad decisions.
TRuSt Me I'm PrOgRaMmEr 8 comments
themasssnipe · 25 weeks ago
Dont worry its barely a langauge to begin with.
Gordon Ramsay running the London Marathon 10 comments
themasssnipe · 27 weeks ago
Mans done iron mans. marathon is nothing in comparison
Good guy Freeman 20 comments
themasssnipe · 27 weeks ago
For people that don't know, Morgan Freeman worked his ass off to get where he is. The guys talked about taking the bus hours a day for work and working 10+ hours a day. He litterally came from nothing and had significantly less than the average American. He didnt get "a lucky break" either he did alot small stuff to make it. His argument is that sure it harder for some people to do things, but its possible if you work your ass off.
Together we will beat globalism 3 comments
themasssnipe · 29 weeks ago
Despite whether or not you agreee with the sentiments behind nationalism, this statement makes sense. Its basically states that regardless of where you are in the world, you want your country to operate more on a domestic level(ie tighter border, more local jobs). Ofc there are always arguments about racism etc, but the argument makes sense. The person below is making a false equivalency.
German "progress" 14 comments
themasssnipe · 31 weeks ago
Im surprised at the number of uneducated people in the comments talking about nuclear power. It's very clear you have no idea what you're talking about. Its like you watched a John Oliver vid or some shit.
He truly deserves it. Congratulations Rami Malek! 20 comments
themasssnipe · 32 weeks ago
I mean I like the guy, but who cares about a bunch of millionaires patting each other on the back. People often through arround the term "deserve an oscar", as if the money thr get from the film isnt enough.
HTML tattoo 4 comments
themasssnipe · 36 weeks ago
How to advertize that you're a web dev pleb. Could have put "header file" instead.
Weight loss truths 1 comments
themasssnipe · 36 weeks ago
Ah yes, the white girl diet.
Being healthy is for the rich 20 comments
themasssnipe · 42 weeks ago
Its 2 dollars a pound for chicken in the US. This post is fake af.
There is still hope 4 comments
themasssnipe · 42 weeks ago
A weapon to surpass Metal Gear.
Canadians are pretty polite tbh 17 comments
themasssnipe · 45 weeks ago