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C'mon DC Comics, make this happen! 10 comments
thinny1234 · 1 week ago
I love the character Constantine and I love Keanu Reeves, but I think I like Matt Ryan as Constantine better imho. For me, it's the same as Ryan Reynolds = Deadpool, Hugh Jackman = Wolverine, Matt Ryan = Constantine
Ever since its back on netflix 11 comments
thinny1234 · 5 weeks ago
There was one on the Wii because it let you use the Wii Remotes and nunchuk do the hand motions. It wasn't too bad, but it definitely wasn't an open world game
The fava beans boil at dawn 12 comments
thinny1234 · 6 weeks ago
DO NOT PUT BUTTER ON BURNS!! It traps the heat IN and will make the burn worse
The difference 22 years can make! 4 comments
thinny1234 · 9 weeks ago
What game is this character from?
Cover up 5 comments
thinny1234 · 10 weeks ago
He's a mutant turtle duh
Still bad 5 comments
thinny1234 · 12 weeks ago
Satisfactory is a reality good game and the only reason I downloaded the epic launcher
The bus 4 comments
thinny1234 · 12 weeks ago
There are natural gas powered buses...
This Bluetooth shower speaker is powered by a micro hydroelectric generator 5 comments
thinny1234 · 13 weeks ago
I doubt that it's powered by a micro hydroelectric generator since it would have to be incorporated into the pipe. My guess would be that it actually uses a thermoelectric generator that uses the heat from the water to power it
How much do you weigh 5 comments
thinny1234 · 16 weeks ago
2.07235 lbs
Other languages are a thing 5 comments
thinny1234 · 16 weeks ago
I mean technically don't at least the pilots have to be able to speak English due to international regulations
Limited edition 6 comments
thinny1234 · 17 weeks ago
A quarter a day for 100 years will get you $9125
This moment when you're about to sneeze but it won't happen 6 comments
thinny1234 · 17 weeks ago
Yennefer and Triss?
It is known 6 comments
thinny1234 · 18 weeks ago
And Matt Bomer
SummerTime 4 comments
thinny1234 · 19 weeks ago
Best story ever 1 comments
thinny1234 · 20 weeks ago
I think he looks happier with the biker ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Today would have been his birthday 3 comments
thinny1234 · 21 weeks ago
It's looks like Stefán Karl Stefánsson who played Robbie Rotten on LazyTown
Who is going to be ? 43 comments
thinny1234 · 22 weeks ago
(harmonizes) To be fairrrr!
Who is going to be ? 43 comments
thinny1234 · 22 weeks ago
Wayne from Letterkenny and we all know that he can handle himself in a scrap
That was a lonely spot to be in 10 comments
thinny1234 · 22 weeks ago
I initially read it as Misha Collins and was very confused for a second lol
Europe right now 7 comments
thinny1234 · 23 weeks ago
Natalie Dormer
Left is the Nilfgaardian armor made by a hobbyist with his own budget, Right is the 4 comments
thinny1234 · 26 weeks ago
The new Netflix Witcher series I think
Maths can be hard 4 comments
thinny1234 · 28 weeks ago
The math checks out!
I'm not complaining but 6 comments
thinny1234 · 29 weeks ago
No, I think he was trying to poison Cerci. Martha was the same little girl that Arya tries to help in King's Landing
title 6 comments
thinny1234 · 30 weeks ago
I think this is the roughly the same plot as the show Van Helsing
Bear Grylls reviews the realism of survival movies 7 comments
thinny1234 · 37 weeks ago
I loved Survivorman! Personally I'd rank Les Stroud over Bear Grylls, but the later is probably a more well known, household name so that's why they chose him :/