I attend The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. My major is Computer Science and Engineering.

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title 6 comments
thinny1234 · 5 days ago
I think this is the roughly the same plot as the show Van Helsing
Bear Grylls reviews the realism of survival movies 7 comments
thinny1234 · 7 weeks ago
I loved Survivorman! Personally I'd rank Les Stroud over Bear Grylls, but the later is probably a more well known, household name so that's why they chose him :/
Detroit: Become human (2018) 1 comments
thinny1234 · 10 weeks ago
Solution: Use Google assistant on your phone and use Google homes in your house/apartment
Or at least that's what I do
THE MOUNTAIN from GOT and his wife How do they 6 comments
thinny1234 · 10 weeks ago
He tried to deadlift like 1,100 pounds last Sunday. He got it up to his knees, but dropped it right after. During the deadlift, he randomly started bleeding from his forehead in the process...
Pro stuff. File 01 7 comments
thinny1234 · 11 weeks ago
Except that there's literally like 4 USB ports to the left of the Ethernet port...
Any FS love for this wee gem? 10 comments
thinny1234 · 12 weeks ago
I've played all the way through it and it was pretty fun! I think the best part about it is that it wasn't even created by Americans. The development team is from South Africa lol
But 3 comments
thinny1234 · 17 weeks ago
Good old Cedar Point
Can we do this movie after the Sharknado thing dies? 15 comments
thinny1234 · 19 weeks ago
As of 2017 Ohio's population is up to 11.6 million so now we would only have to fight ~3.45 kangaroos per person
Dont say melk 15 comments
thinny1234 · 21 weeks ago
Is this reminding anyone else of a certain Julian Smith video?
Little Bobby Tables almost ruined Christmas one year 5 comments
thinny1234 · 22 weeks ago
That title lol
I don't feel so good 6 comments
thinny1234 · 22 weeks ago
Completely besides the point, but in general female cows = dairy & male cows = meat
Mostly useful for potato PC users 8 comments
thinny1234 · 23 weeks ago
Another issue that would likely pop up during development is that how do you know what part trumps what. For CPUs do you go off of cores or processor speed or Intel vs AMD? And that's just for CPUs. You'd have to create a similar comparison for graphics cards too.
Child cook 22 comments
thinny1234 · 23 weeks ago
Just came across this again and I laughed again
This is just hilarious 1 comments
thinny1234 · 24 weeks ago
I love how in the second picture Benedict Wong is holding an Uno card lmao
When You Get It 47 comments
thinny1234 · 26 weeks ago
It's up to 14 now after they got their first female doctor!
Blu is precious as heck 5 comments
thinny1234 · 28 weeks ago
He looks like Scrappy-Doo from the live action Scooby-Doo movies
The p*rnstache one gets me 8 comments
thinny1234 · 29 weeks ago
The full beard one makes him look like geralt from The Witcher series
Bery smoodh 10 comments
thinny1234 · 29 weeks ago
That's almost $500! I wonder if she actually considered it at that point
Nine nine! 8 comments
thinny1234 · 31 weeks ago
Nine nine!
Marvel should F**KING do this. 8 comments
thinny1234 · 32 weeks ago
This is what I've been doing already in preparation for Avengers 4...
What would happen in the Purge 1 comments
thinny1234 · 34 weeks ago
This will never not be one of my favorite meme formats
1% nacho 5 comments
thinny1234 · 39 weeks ago
If I remember correctly, I didn't break 100 till like freshmen year which would put me at like 13 or 14 at the time.
Food for kings 10 comments
thinny1234 · 39 weeks ago
Comment deleted.
They cannot have their luxury items either 19 comments
thinny1234 · 39 weeks ago
Undercover Boss