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Movie night in the skeleton chamber 3 comments
tpsquid · 1 week ago
there are people who live down there too...
the catacombs stretch on immensely, a good portion of Paris is built on top of them and there's some really weird shit that researchers have found including an insane number of secret passages and entrances.
He knows! 3 comments
tpsquid · 1 week ago
Tis' the season 1 comments
tpsquid · 3 weeks ago
dude I've been hearing "all I want for christmas" at work since early October
This guy is the world's best netrunner 1 comments
tpsquid · 4 weeks ago
bro's got worse wire organization than me and that's saying something
“the phoenix” 1 comments
tpsquid · 8 weeks ago
magician's red
I am wavy 8 comments
tpsquid · 8 weeks ago
P I c k T w o 3 comments
tpsquid · 10 weeks ago
I'll join the Danny DeVito harem
Parry that you ***ing casual 1 comments
tpsquid · 10 weeks ago
why not both?
Go ahead. Do it 3 comments
tpsquid · 11 weeks ago
Risk of Rain
there was flash flooding :[
Why mojang? Why?! 5 comments
tpsquid · 14 weeks ago
They've been progressively adding more censorship to "appeal to a younger audience"
basically ruining everyone else's experience to child-proof the game.
most recently they've added chat reporting, temp banning, text censorship, and even character reporting. if I'm not mistaken if you have enough violations within a certain amount of time your account can be suspended or banned.
I think they also made a update that makes it way more difficult to get enchanted books from villagers, which was already a feat beforehand.... ignoring the negative feedback of their community (a cardinal sin for a game developer.)
the updates have been rapidly reducing in quality and content, and they have shifted focus to making the game more fit for multiplayer and for kids, rather than optimizing the game to continue to work on lower spec machines and adding meaningful and interesting content
Though I will say, the modding community is great
anyway TLDR; lovely game, corporate garbage development team
B Like a normal person, right? 3 comments
tpsquid · 16 weeks ago
if I hang it overhand my cat rolls it all off and leaves it on the floor...
Even my casserole tin is a socialist 2 comments
tpsquid · 16 weeks ago
I was thinking of something else o-o
Hans You are 4 comments
tpsquid · 16 weeks ago
as long as they leave me alone we're chill
Seriously try it 2 comments
tpsquid · 17 weeks ago
food review time
I tried it, basically its just buttered white bread with sprinkles
honestly not as bad as I thought it might be, texture was odd, the butter and sprinkles' sweet and salty went together pretty well
solid 8/10
a skip and a leap up from any british recipe that includes putting unorthodox things on toast
Cat! 1 comments
tpsquid · 18 weeks ago
Honestly I could go for some potatoes right now 2 comments
tpsquid · 18 weeks ago
po- tay- toes.
@DrArchimeme 1 comments
tpsquid · 18 weeks ago
why not both?
Why can't we admit we both have cool stuff? Amateur "archeology" is fun 2 comments
tpsquid · 18 weeks ago
Fun Fact for any wannabe fossil hunters out there (in the US at least):
it is legal to search for fossils or minerals on the sides of interstate highways or offramps because the dept. of transportation owns the land doesn't care as long as you don't destabilize the road.
often if you search in the right place and are lucky enough you can find some goodies, I've found pretty big unpolished garnet crystals.
just make sure the area isn't private property!
anyway I like rocks thanks for listening to my rock rant
What answer did you get? 7 comments
tpsquid · 19 weeks ago
hhe 2 comments
tpsquid · 20 weeks ago
I'm chromium
What is yours? 2 comments
tpsquid · 20 weeks ago
beat saber lol gottem
At least Brazil cops look awesome while being corrupt 1 comments
tpsquid · 23 weeks ago
damn the US needs to step up its game
Don't, it's a trap 3 comments
tpsquid · 24 weeks ago
what if I want to learn about warhammer 40k?
Let’s see how interesting this gets 7 comments
tpsquid · 26 weeks ago
deep rock galactic???
Based huey long 1 comments
tpsquid · 28 weeks ago
he really did have an interesting political career, I'd recommend looking into it