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Could you do this? 83 comments
wilf · 6 years ago
Just read. I've just had 2 weeks w/out the internet and read 12 novels. I have to admit, catching up on FS when I got home was pretty cool though!
Hypocrites 38 comments
wilf · 7 years ago
I think what has happened here is that the poster doesn't know the diffence between a guy and an asshole. As a gentleman I firmly believe in everyone's right to look/wear/weigh however or whatever they like without fear of harassment or ridicule.
Lollipop stick hole 45 comments
wilf · 7 years ago
Slightly related fact of the day. The Chupa Chips logo was created by Salvador Dali
Watching netflix in the shower 21 comments
wilf · 7 years ago
Watching "Netflix" if you know what I mean
Bloody auto correct 4 comments
wilf · 7 years ago
Is this not what all waiters are thinking?
Accurate 28 comments
wilf · 7 years ago
Cut the crusts off, roll it flat with a rolling pin, spread with ketchup or mustard (or both), roll your dog, pan-fry it seam side down first so it doesn't unwrap then roll it around till it is crisp all over.