One does not simply spend two minutes on the Internet

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TIM 9 comments
wonderingbison · 7 weeks ago
Is that a European or African swallow?
Hon hon owo baguette 3 comments
wonderingbison · 9 weeks ago
Aight thats it, you lost talking priveleges
Smells like my d*ck 5 comments
wonderingbison · 18 weeks ago
Yes but American cheese has nothing on cheese from literally any where else.
Agreed 19 comments
wonderingbison · 19 weeks ago
What exactly do you mean? As a book series, Percy Jackson was excellent. But the movie adaption ruined it. Why can’t they remake it with someone who actually has read the books and a proper series that is actually good.
Agreed 19 comments
wonderingbison · 19 weeks ago
Alternatively remake the Percy Jackson films in the same fashion as the Harry Potter series. That is have them follow the books very closely and have a proper series.
I dont know how to write 4 comments
wonderingbison · 22 weeks ago
They forgot to show us riding kangaroos as we fight the Spiders
Aussie, Aussie Aussie... 18 comments
wonderingbison · 23 weeks ago
Same energy 5 comments
wonderingbison · 24 weeks ago
Why does the guy on the left look like Toby Maguire
What in the everloving- 5 comments
wonderingbison · 25 weeks ago
Well she isn’t wrong
End of conversation 2 comments
wonderingbison · 27 weeks ago
Well, we can’t lose now!
American scientists found a new species of arachnid in Klendathu (near Timbuktu) 12 comments
wonderingbison · 27 weeks ago
Stranger Things season 4 monster revealed
It's boiling hot 8 comments
wonderingbison · 28 weeks ago
That’s Australia everyday
What did the 5 fingers say to the face? 10 comments
wonderingbison · 29 weeks ago
Australians sweating visibly
Crossover episode special 2 comments
wonderingbison · 29 weeks ago
Can confirm
Climate change is real y'all! 3 comments
wonderingbison · 30 weeks ago
Pulling down the window every other day in Australia
This is a beautiful game 4 comments
wonderingbison · 34 weeks ago
Is this AC Origins? All Assassin Creed games made in the last few years all have spectacular looking worlds.
Yeets stressfully 21 comments
wonderingbison · 37 weeks ago
You know, there’s a song in Australia that lists all the deadly animals we have. https://youtu.be/HmRexWQhs3M
Only 80s kids understand 1 comments
wonderingbison · 38 weeks ago
80’s music > 2019 music
When you are a dumb ass but lucky asf 1 comments
wonderingbison · 44 weeks ago
I showed this to my maths teacher, she wasn’t impressed.
Thats a long minute! 2 comments
wonderingbison · 44 weeks ago
I think you missed the one in between exercising and risky message: waiting for the last 10 minutes of class to finsh
Damn nature you scary 3 comments
wonderingbison · 46 weeks ago
Isn’t that a gremlin?
Ding dong 3 comments
wonderingbison · 48 weeks ago
Really it’s a diagnosis for anything not working
Preach 8 comments
wonderingbison · 49 weeks ago
Really there isn’t any point rebooting it, the original movie was a masterpiece and is still held in high regard by everyone. Any attempts to reboot it will butcher the original storyline’s.
The rise of the console knights begins 17 comments
wonderingbison · 50 weeks ago
I mean, Xbox has had this feature for quite a while already