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Naked rat 7 comments
zippytheroach · 4 days ago
Close the door?
He protects 5 comments
zippytheroach · 5 days ago
More of those please.
Majestic bumblebee 11 comments
zippytheroach · 6 days ago
I heard Pooh Bear say "Oh, bother.", but that's just me.
Aussie, Aussie Aussie? 37 comments
zippytheroach · 3 weeks ago
So there aren't names of designer drugs?
I will just keep it here.. A valid point according to me 17 comments
zippytheroach · 3 weeks ago
Did he even write the ending? I was under the impression he hadn't written the last book yet. I figured some HBO committee did season eight.
Felonious Gru's long lost daughter 16 comments
zippytheroach · 3 weeks ago
She looks like Gru.
Blonde 8 comments
zippytheroach · 4 weeks ago
We're not used to "acting" in America, we just hire an actor who behaves how we want there charactor to behave.
Who are you 3 comments
zippytheroach · 6 weeks ago
Where do I get one of those interns?
This shit. 21 comments
zippytheroach · 10 weeks ago
You don't even need adblock, just turn on Firefox's tracking protection and all the ads go away. They're tracking ads, apparently.
Hey Funsubstance. That ad on the side is seven steps too far. I can't even clear it. 16 comments
zippytheroach · 12 weeks ago
I'm using Firefox on my phone, after turning on the tracker blocking feature the ads are gone.
Lanersa 4 comments
zippytheroach · 13 weeks ago
Sounds like a diabetes medication.
Maybe I just majorly missed out being allergic, but how can medicine be good, health aside 21 comments
zippytheroach · 14 weeks ago
No, the best part was the spoon thing was made to look like an alligator, with eyes and little feet.
Curiosity is back, now to Opportunity 10 comments
zippytheroach · 15 weeks ago
Opportunity isn't coming back. Since it's batteries didn't hold a charge through the storm, that means the on board heaters cut out. There are sensitive components that will have died in a Marian winter without the heaters.
No wages for Congress 17 comments
zippytheroach · 17 weeks ago
It sounds good at first, but they'd probably just pass the shittiest deal possible to start receiving a paycheck again.
Smellfoy...The Real reason for his death 5 comments
zippytheroach · 17 weeks ago
Old but gold.
This is pointless 30 comments
zippytheroach · 18 weeks ago
EA assigning the characters' preferences sounds like a down side. If EA hasn't assigned anything, LGBT people could have played any character and imagined them as being what they want. This way, EA has told them they can only play THOSE TWO characters, because ALL of the rest are straight.
Swoosh 5 comments
zippytheroach · 19 weeks ago
I love her expression afterwards. It's not surprise, it's annoyance. "Boy, get your ass back here!"
Probably that would make it super scary. (Spolier alert) 17 comments
zippytheroach · 20 weeks ago
Why would you permanently blind yourself when the blindfold works just fine? That's like cutting off your penis because you don't want to wear a condom.
Damn son - found on fb 2 comments
zippytheroach · 23 weeks ago
I hope no one bought it.
Haven't lived with my kids for 18 months. I'm finally going the legal route and 4 comments
zippytheroach · 24 weeks ago
Is it just me, or do the bots all seem to pull vaguely political stuff you'd expect to find on a Facebook feed?
"Houseboat" 2 comments
zippytheroach · 25 weeks ago
It would be great if everyone just posted the dino thing before deleting their accounts 48 comments
zippytheroach · 27 weeks ago
What are bots doing? Posting memes or something? There have been new posters lately, but I didn't suspect them as bots.
Someone is going to die 4 comments
zippytheroach · 31 weeks ago
That foo driving?
Hotel management 1-2 13 comments
zippytheroach · 31 weeks ago
It all sounded reasonable except for the hate of customers who use room finding sites. What's wrong with that?
Wreiched 56 comments
zippytheroach · 34 weeks ago
Wait, they have a state pledge in Texas? My state has no such thing.