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Uhh, what? 7 comments
zozinequanta · 24 weeks ago
This is horribly underrated - pure bars, my friend.
nice 4 comments
zozinequanta · 34 weeks ago
Don’t forget (-i*infinity, i*infinity)!
This week in science 8 comments
zozinequanta · 1 year ago
Do you have links to each of these for further reading?
Double standards 10 comments
zozinequanta · 1 year ago
The point is that height is beyond the control of an individual, yet weight can usually be controlled. He’s calling her out for asking why he was tall (which she presumably did because she only dates taller guys, speaking from empirical and statistical data), which she seems to seem important, yet gets offended when asked how much she weighs, which is something she can control. So, yes; not quite a double-standard, but even more disappointing.
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Vaccin cause life 2 comments
zozinequanta · 2 years ago
I guess you could say that it’s quite a... whopping change.
Simple and clever solution 6 comments
zozinequanta · 2 years ago
What about the people going down?