The most famous doctor 7 comments
5trep · 1 year ago
title 4 comments
5trep · 3 years ago
There's the thrid tweet which makes it not a repost
A father's love 14 comments
5trep · 4 years ago
@sincere_milkshake in most poor areas McDonald food is considered a luxury. Some don't get to taste it until they're working adults. It's unlikely that he's buying them regularly. It's more likely that he's giving them a treat.
Making a portable shower 15 comments
5trep · 8 years ago
You're gonna be sticky from all that sweat anyway
Good guy peanut b*tter 2 comments
5trep · 8 years ago
Scumbag image format: GIF, pronounced Jif
Guy Attempts To Break Car Window With His Head 8 comments
5trep · 8 years ago
It's the only way his brain can make an impact on the world.
All I want is pizza and high self esteem 6 comments
5trep · 8 years ago
Haha if you don't get the joke, look at their usernames.
This picture is actually upside down 16 comments
5trep · 8 years ago
Wouldn't have noticed if not for the title.