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Dark chocolate is the best in my opinion 8 comments
calvinoot · 1 week ago
K but... Milk chocolate coated white chocolate? Now THAT is the shit.
Everyone has ulterior motives 4 comments
calvinoot · 3 weeks ago
Also funfact: George is an ape not a monkey :3
Everyone has ulterior motives 4 comments
calvinoot · 3 weeks ago
...Yeah? This is literally a sc from the movie where he follows him for his hat. smh. You want some REAL deep curious george lore?
In the original books the man with the yellow hat was a poacher who stole him from his jungle home.
Monke busters, the elder guardians 4 comments
calvinoot · 3 weeks ago
Poor monkee :(
Guardian of the garden 6 comments
calvinoot · 3 weeks ago
I want to gently brush and pat this cat. :)
Aurora Australis over south Tasmania (30/11/2020) 1 comments
calvinoot · 4 weeks ago
At this time of day at this time of year localised entirely within Tasmania?
So true 7 comments
calvinoot · 6 weeks ago
This is a dope conparison but I'm just imagining a dude giving his testimony and hearing a whispered "Sounds sus..." From the jury
Looking sharp 4 comments
calvinoot · 6 weeks ago
Sharp enough to puncture the hull of an empire-class Fire Nation battle ship, leaving thousands to drown at sea
The hero they needed (Toy Story 2) 5 comments
calvinoot · 6 weeks ago
That woman was a beast straight up had to drive home and carry all her computers and stuff to the office in such a rush so they would have time to finish the film. King shit.
Fishfrog 8 comments
calvinoot · 7 weeks ago
That's the cutest thing I've ever seen *car honk noise*
You know... this pose 3 comments
calvinoot · 11 weeks ago
yessssss trueeee
Please excuse my dog 5 comments
calvinoot · 12 weeks ago
This made me unreasonably happy
Feed the birds, tuppence a bag 7 comments
calvinoot · 15 weeks ago
Feed the birds, tuppence a bird
Moominvalley park, japan 1 comments
calvinoot · 18 weeks ago
It's been one of those days. I'm not imagining. I sympathize 2 comments
calvinoot · 19 weeks ago
I mean Jesus was a real dude. He was cool. Carpenters deserve respect as much as messhiahs do!
Both are juicy sticks yumm 18 comments
calvinoot · 21 weeks ago
Freight worldwide Peafowl 5 comments
calvinoot · 22 weeks ago
Hohoho you fools, that is because THAT WAS THE APRIL FOOLS!
When you don't even try 2 comments
calvinoot · 32 weeks ago
One dutch, two dutch, queen of the double dutch, I skip better then you by that much, watch our feet our moves are sweet, our double dutching won't be beat!
This WC markings for gents and ladies 3 comments
calvinoot · 34 weeks ago
So many creative bathroom signs that do knot work :/
If You Don't Use Honey, You're Probably Overpaying For Food - And Everything Else Online 6 comments
calvinoot · 36 weeks ago
why my man grizzly be tweeting out promos smh
children 3 comments
calvinoot · 39 weeks ago
D̸̢̝̟̗̥̜̹͇̗̼̎̿ ̴͚̠̤͛Ḯ̴̪̭̗͈̋̽̎ ̴̨̨̧͇̣̰͈̝̬̬̓R̴̜͔̹̒͋͘͝ ̷͕̓̈́̏̀͊̂͘͝T̷̺̙͈͓̯̬̗̄̍͗͗͂̍ ̵̛̪̞̾̿̄͋̍͑͐?̷̡̨̧̢͙̜̣͈̞̖̎́͛͌͂͐
Froggo Fun #197 - Dapper 8 comments
calvinoot · 40 weeks ago
Hello my baby hello my honey hello my ragtime gallll~ @parisqeen
Moss showermat 9 comments
calvinoot · 40 weeks ago
Looks appealing, but then the shower would be pointless cos feet not clean! D: