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texasranger · 35 weeks ago
Yeah its nice to see the old squad back together again and not the US just trampling the world.
silvermyth · 35 weeks ago
For real though, In central London there are pubs that celebrate the Fourth of July
harmonywho · 35 weeks ago
Wear nothing but American flag stuff and hand out bottles of American sweet tea
texasranger · 35 weeks ago
In all honesty i font want to be a nuisance cuz i know i wouldnt like it back home. So ill wear a shirt and just mind my buisness
mrsuperman8942 · 35 weeks ago
Bless ya for it.
shiftingsands · 35 weeks ago
Buy a kilt with the USA flag on it
laughwendylaugh · 35 weeks ago
Join the Canadians celebrating Canada Day on July 1st
texasranger · 35 weeks ago
Sure why not lol. Yall are a fun bunch
shiftingsands · 35 weeks ago
What part of Scotland are you actually visiting thug? It's a beautiful country, probably better than England in my opinion.
shiftingsands · 35 weeks ago
texasranger · 35 weeks ago
Edinburgh is where we are staying but well be doing a highland tour and some scotch tours well leave via Glasgow to New York
releasethekraken · 35 weeks ago
There is an amazing place for desserts in Edinburgh, I highly recommend it
texasranger · 35 weeks ago
Whats it called
releasethekraken · 35 weeks ago
Coro the chocolate café, on Frederick Street
pokethebear · 34 weeks ago
Halestorm concert
the_average_gatsby · 34 weeks ago
Find some Scots to party with and get piss drunk. They're an awesome lot and would get a hoot outta bashing the Tories
kouyaaotsuki · 34 weeks ago
Ah everyone goes to Edinburgh or Glasgow. There’s a famous science centre in glasogw also
sassysquatch · 34 weeks ago
Stay. Just Stay.
texasranger · 34 weeks ago
Thinking about it honestly.
sassysquatch · 34 weeks ago
I would tbh. Im taking a trip around Europe for this music thingy i got recommended for