Should I tell him I like him?
by riyriamistborn · 14 comments 9 weeks ago
jay2327 · 10 weeks ago
riyriamistborn · 10 weeks ago
I felt like we started to hit it off, but it's like he's dropped off the map... Sunday he told me to let him know if I ever want to hang out, but he doesn't answer my texts...
I'm so lost.
bethorien · 10 weeks ago
Id say go for it
riyriamistborn · 10 weeks ago
I'm 25, he's 28. I feel like we're both too old for beating around the bush. It shouldn't have to be this complicated.
rosalinas · 10 weeks ago
Do it
No one has time for game
bethorien · 10 weeks ago
she be right yo. Being straight with someone often gets a reply of being straight with you.
abhinnav · 10 weeks ago
@riyriamistborn do tell him that and be straightforward.
riyriamistborn · 10 weeks ago
I guess I'm just worried that I already scared him off by being too open, because I'm usually pretty closed off and quiet...
xvarnah · 10 weeks ago
It's hard to judge the situation, but you just said yourself: you don't feel like playing games, or beating around the bush.
I'm not sure what you've done to think you've already scared him off, mind you, but if he scares easy or is flaky, you may just be wasting your own time trying to coax him back in.
I think it would be worth it to tell him, if only for your own clarity and peace of mind. Maybe he'll freak out, or not feel the same, or whatever else, but better now than 6 months down the road. If nothing else you won't have to stress about it anymore, you'll hopefully know exactly where you stand
scatmandingo · 10 weeks ago
When I was 28 the way you showed a guy you liked him is to sleep with him. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it didn’t but at least everyone got laid.
bethorien · 10 weeks ago
welp looks like my asexual ass in forever alone then
riyriamistborn · 10 weeks ago
Yeah no. That doesn't fall within either of our standards.
The downside is, I have an entire week before I'll see him, as I'm heading out of state tomorrow...
lentil · 10 weeks ago
Just tell him. I've done it and at first it's terrifying. It doesn't have to be complex or anything crazy, just I simple "I like you and want to be something more" will do. Trust me, once it's done it's done and you might get some positive results.
I believe in you, and the worst that can happen is him disappearing, or saying no. And even if he says no, maybe he'll come around
matthewg · 9 weeks ago
You'd be amazed at how old people can be and still play games. Be yourself, do what's natural, and if he doesn't appreciate that/you, he just saved you some trouble. :D