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Speed up
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1. “Crystal” and call the company methlab.
2. Make some shit up. That’s what most of the parasitic enterprise software crowd do and it works for them. Usually something “Greek” or “Latin” or “Italian” inspired; or just crib a random word. Like: “”Allegro” or “Pellegrino” or “Al dente”
3. Pretentious historical name. “Cicero” or “Thelonius” or “Icarus” or some such.
4. Random verbs and action imagery words. App companies love those. Bonus points if you take an actual word and make it nonesense. “Torque” “Sunder” “Chrysalis” “Toboggan” “
You likely don’t want to or can’t tip your hand too much- but it might help in selecting a meaningful name to know what industry the app serves, how it aims to increase productivity, and other small details. There is usually some correlation even tanginially between a “snappy” app name and its function or purpose. “Albatross” for instance- the ships good luck (unless you kill it..) that may be more appropriate for some apps or sectors than others
purplepumpkin · 9 weeks ago
Thanks everyone! We've set on minds on Boostix (which DOES sound like Boo sticks, I know, but it was 3 against 2 so Boostix it is) but your ideas rock.
dcottingham · 8 weeks ago
Well then, I'll just have to name *my* productivity app "Al Dente."
dacas2 · 8 weeks ago