I'm almost always on the internet, and when I'm not I'm either reading, writing or serving my furry master (the one pictured, I'm not THAT weird).

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This is one of my favorite videos on youtube, it doesn't teach much but I feel like a kid.
Can anyone help me identify this XIXth-century ddecoration please?
As a baby, my mom's cat loved to jump on the fridge and eat. (here halfway to success)
My lil mouldy sock looks so drugged when she's sleepy... I love her^^
Not to play special snowflake but I didn't think it was THAT common. Can you relate?
The "dead mom's chest hair got me"
I haven't written poetry in years and I'm gonna be ashamed of this tomorrow but here goes:
Between that shit and the shower shark kid, we can probably find some1 who'd f*ck fire/air
Inner beauty I guess...
Sorry for shitposting, I'm bored to death.