unklethan · 23 weeks ago
flyingoctopus · 23 weeks ago
Cycy left? I did notice an absence of cute animals.
jay2327 · 23 weeks ago
That sucks...
kakaburra · 23 weeks ago
Does anyone know if he's okay?
matthewg · 23 weeks ago
I wasn't on the best of terms with Cycy, but I never like seeing our users vanish. Too many good people have left, and though I can understand their reasons, the site suffers as a result.
deleted · 23 weeks ago
She just didnt like the fact that zeus failed to communicate with its community, selling off the site to some unknown buyer who only wanted the site for money, whom to recite, still hasnt said a thing about who he is.
sm19 · 23 weeks ago
just check the "false gods" chat thread if anyone wants to know why they left.
matthewg · 23 weeks ago
Zeus and whoever else weren't exactly tranparent paragons of community, either, now were they?
matthewg · 23 weeks ago
deleted · 23 weeks ago
You could still summon them with certainty that they'd respond
xvarnah · 23 weeks ago
Zeus did respond, but a lot of people were upset that he responded AFTER the site had been sold and there was already an adpocalypse going on, and that he didn't really answer any further questions beyond "the site has been sold; new owner doesn't want to reveal themself just yet."
Someone responded a few days later by making a post that pretty much called out Zeus and the new owner for not announcing things and making bad decisions.
Zeus' last comment was something about how he doesn't understand why people are still "harping" about the issue.
ajhedges · 23 weeks ago
Drama queen gone YEET
mikriarktos · 23 weeks ago
Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
flyingoctopus · 23 weeks ago